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  1. Sorry it seems I had 100% capacity used up in my message storage I have a technics keyboard but happy to upgrade of necessary
  2. Hello. I used to tour with a soul band. I'm a singer and keyboard player maybe we can get something started?
  3. Hey I'm Jen. I'm a professional vocalist and pianist. I teach music for a living and used to gig years back but not for ages. Getting the itch to gig again. I'm 43. Looking to set up a duo or to join a group
  4. Hey I'm Jen. I'm a professional vocalist and pianist. I teach music for a living and used to gig years back but not for ages. Getting the itch to gig again. I'm 43. Looking to set up a duo or to join a group
  5. Half an hour is £15. I'd charge an extra £5 to come to Alford. To come down to Captain Toms I'd charge £50 for an hours visit. Look out for an article in the Press and Journal ! Thanks for your enquiry Jen
  6. she's now got red hair and its shaved a little to the side.
  7. Yes its true..... I'm related to Leigh Anne and I coach her when she visits the family in Scotland. I've been teaching vocals for 20 years now and have also taught Goldie (top ten artist from Africa). I offer a FREE trial and charge just £15 per lesson after that if you come to me at my studio in Insch..... or I can come to visit you for a small extra charge to cover time and petrol. Do you need help with your band vocals? I visit band rehearsals and can offer advice on sound and vocals. Maybe you're looking for a Christmas present with a difference? Why not buy your loved one some Singing lessons? Please text me on 07535 669504 for more details as I dont visit this site too often. Many thanks Jen Law BA ALCM (TD) Merry Christmas xx
  8. been offered a place in a band now...... so not looking any more...... x
  9. awww thanks Diesel! 80's and 90's stuff I guess... and new stuff too..... rock/pop.... jazz and soul... whatever we can really... nice laid back fun stuff and a laugh to boot too .... life is too dam serious eh..... be nice to have a laugh along the way Hope you're well
  10. Hello there... I'm Jen. I've been singing professionally for many years now but have recently been concentrating on teaching voice. I miss performing and would like to team up with a like minded guitarist who is interested in small gigs. I play keyboards too and think we could make a great sound for smaller venues. I'm 39 years young and love all kinds of music. Fingers crossed there's someone out there looking for the same kind of thing. I'm not usually on this site very often so can you text me on 07535 669504 please? Many thanks for reading Jen xx
  11. Hey there.. I'm Jen... I've been teaching voice for 20 years and I'm now mobile around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. I can visit your home for just £20 per lesson in the evenings or if its during the daytime 9 till 3 then I only charge £15 per visit. I teach all styles and levels.... Please text or call for more info... 07501 504612 Jen
  12. Hey... I'm Jen. I'm 39 years old and I've been teaching singing for 20 years. I used to sing Cabaret for Grand Central in England... then joined Atlantic Soul and also Souled Asylum. I've performed in many large venues including AECC and the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. I sing all styles. Gimme a shout and I'd love to come to see you Jen xx 07501504612 PS.... I play keyboards and also piano too
  13. Professional lesson.... Free trial Inverurie 01467 629996 Book a slot for 15 per week.... then alternate your family or friends through that slot.... we can teach your family for just 15 per week
  14. Someone has asked.... "whats the catch" Theres no catch.... send me a text and I'll send you a pic of the room.... Ample parking..... there's only one room so you'll be the only noise for miles.... No interuptions but..... no toilet... apart at the local pub..... We're already booked every wednesday and thursday so satisfied customers Why not give us a try?
  15. Small office available to rent in Inverurie Ample parking shared WC 100 per week please pm me or text 07501 504612
  16. Band practice room with Amps, drums and pa.... 5 per hour Teaching studios.... 5 per hour text 07501504612 for more info
  17. Do you have private pupils at home or teach mobile? Would you prefer to teach in a music school studio? If so then please contact me on 07501504612 to rent a teaching room for only 5 per hour NB.... pupils must be your own pupils.... INVERURIE AREA
  18. we have 16 drum pupils in need of a teacher. Please text 07501 504612 to get more details immediate start Thanks Jen
  19. text 07501504612 to book Inverurie rehearsal room... drums.... amps.... pa..... mic stands.... no other sound around you Jen
  20. Inverurie School of Music are looking for a new violin teacher to take over from an existing teacher.... our violin teacher has been with us for four years now and has built up 7 hours of dedicated students.... we require an enthusiastic violin teacher to take over in August please call 01467 629996 excellent rates of pay
  21. Thanks for the lovely comments guys,.... glad you were happy with the space and equipment.... its great to have had so much interest. Let me know if I can improve the facility.... Jen
  22. We've had excellent responce !! Please book if interested ! Jen
  23. I'm interested! please text me... 07501 504612
  24. Hey all, Inverurie School of music now has a rehearsal room. Drums, pa, mic stands, music stands, bass amp.... selection of other amps, 7 till 11 monday to friday only 20 6 till 11 saturdays.... only 25 why is it so cheap?...... because there's no toilet..... its a unit next to the main music school which you will have the use of but has no toilet facilities..... There are public facilities nearby though email your enquiry to music.school@hotmail.com or text 07501 504 612 Jen
  25. Hey I'm 38 and have been working as a qualified music for 20 years. I teach singing and piano.... I've been in many bands over the years.... I'm looking to join a band and have my own practice space. Please send me a text if interested. 07501 504612 Jen
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