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  1. Good gig. As Tall As Lions were superb. Frightened Rabbit likewise. Two disappointments. The sound was appalling. Genuinely dreadful. The bass was drowning out the vocals and the guitar lines for the second half of FRs set. And Scott's vocals were, shall we say, eclectic! Surrendered to every high note.
  2. I have two tickets to this gig, potentially the gig of the year. My mate might not be able to make it If not; anyone interested in the pair? 20 for both, o.n.o. Could post or meet up to deliver them anywhere in Aberdeen. Let me know.
  3. Overall I enjoyed it. Some great songs, old and new. New song about "Ulysses" is a belter. "Stand free" is always a bit embarrassing, and I was irked by the semi-dangerous rush for the door at the end, but the show itself was good (if a little murky) and the crowd were in decent form.
  4. Anyone know who's supporting tonight? So I can decide whether to watch the first half of the Rangers game before going.
  5. I found it. liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine
  6. Good sites all, but no dice thus far. It had round planetary shaped objects! I think they were green.
  7. I recall this website, but very little about it. Vis; 1. It had a convenient format to find bands similar to the bands you like 2. It had a pretty interface that looked like planets, or chemical structures 3. It might be very outdated in the modern age. Anyone remember?
  8. Depends what you want. Queen Vic's is brilliant but is usually jam-packed after 8pm. Illicit Still does free sandwiches and easy questions, but expensive unless you've got a student discount card. Hogshead presumably does good prizes but rarely gets any punters.
  9. I wasn't particularly impressed with UoK last time they played here. Good stage presence and impressive sound, but highly derivative, and no real stand-out tracks.
  10. If only I were a betting man. AKM
  11. Price has been edited from 5.49 to 55.49, which I assume was the intended "discount" price. Sorry; hope anyone who was interested got their order processed in time! AKM
  12. Amazon.co.uk: Seinfeld - 5 & 6 Box Set: DVD: Jerry Seinfeld,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Michael Richards,Jason Alexander Clicky for Series 5 and 6 for a fiver... cheers AKM
  13. Exactly how is it "brave"? AKM
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