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  1. Ticket has been sold. Thread can be closed. Thanks Steve MacPherson
  2. Selling on behalf of my girlfriend. Weekend Wizard ticket up for grabs. Camping included (obvioulsy). Face value 70.00. PM me if interested. Many thanks Steve
  3. To Dylan's The Times They Are A-changing. Genius! I've only been waiting 20 years for this to be adapted from graphic novel to big screen and the transition worked. So good, in fact, that I'm going to see it again this week. Methinks I'll have to re-buy the book. My copy's rather dog-eared now.
  4. On behalf of a work colleague, as it says above. Face value. PM me contact details if interested. Cheers Steve
  5. The man be correct, yo. A number of episodes have been written by Dennis Lehane and Richard Price. I was convinced that Elmore Leonard and William Diehl wrote some as well but a quick check on HBO's website proved me wrong
  6. The Wire is the best thing on TV ever. I'm on Season 5 Episode 4. I don't want it to end. Vondas, Omar, Proposition Joe and Lester Freaman are my favourite characters. Rawls get's a nod as well simply because of his take no prisoners approach to things.
  7. On behalf of a friend: 2 x Staurday Day Tickets for sale. Value is 68.50 each. Friend selling the pair for 80.00 PM if interested. Thanks Steve
  8. In which case ketamine, Trivial Pursuit Eurovision Edition and naked pigmy hermaphrodite strippers.
  9. If you want a whore then go to the Sport's classified section and check under the Massage category. You'll be spolied for choice...
  10. Surely this is Ireland's entry? YouTube - Father Ted - My Lovely Horse
  11. Still for sale. 22.50 (face value) Hope Tam gets hs ticket through the post the day after the gig:laughing: Oh, I do love being a petty, vindictive cunt.
  12. Errr, your problem being??? Yes face value is 22.50, booking fee is 3.65, plus the postage I paid for the ticket brought this closer to 30.00. I'm incurring a loss, chimp:up: [(p) & © JakeSpike] Anyway, I'm open to offers around the 25.00 margin. Please go whine somewhere else...
  13. Or he could've got off at Haymarket. Anyway... More and more Austrians are going to raves in droves nowadays. Apparently they love a bit of underground house
  14. SteveCrisis

    Your current read?

    For they shall inherit the BabyBel?o_O These past few weeks I've read: No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy Oil! by Upton Sinclair The Steep Approach To Garbadale by Iain Banks Flesh House by Stuart MacBride I'm now in a bit of a Rebus mood so I've gone back to Knots and Crosses and going to read the entire Rebus back catalogue
  15. The setlists for both Tramway and Ironworks gigs as listed in brightlight.youngteam.co.uk Tramway 26/04/08 the precipice friend of the night i love you, i'm going to blow up your school hunted by a freak ithica 27o9 i'm jim morrison, i'm dead thank you space expert like herod batcat scotland's shame two rights make one wrong we're no here Ironworks 06/05/08 the precipice hunted by a freak thank you space expert friend of the night scotland's shame stanley kubrick i love you, i'm going to blow up your school summer i'm jim morrison, i'm dead two rights make one wrong batcat we're no here
  16. I have it on good authority that the Pelican is no more but will be re-opening on Thursday 29th of May as Origins. So there
  17. Absolutely gutted that I have to do this but needs must... Tues 27th May, Glasgow ABC 25.00 PM me if interested. Thanks Steve
  18. Got to love the district judge's comment 'I hope the force will soon be with him.' Pre-sentencing takes place on May 13th. Pity it wasn't May 4th. 'May the 4th be with you' Anyone? *Ahem* *Bows head in shame, grabs coat and exiles self to Auchtermuchty*
  19. Thank you Stripey Here's what Brookmyre thinks: www.brookmyre.co.uk :: The Future by Christopher Brookmyre
  20. They played this at Somerset House last July. Aidan Moffat was in attendance but wasn't the support. Malcolm Middleton was. That and the Albert Hall performance definitely go down as my all time favourite Mogwai shows.
  21. Now I'm just in the mood for watching a Durrty Vide-o:up:
  22. No pun intended I take it? I've got Sing The Grays, must get the new one.
  23. So Arbroath is now a place for skull-duggery in a very under-hand way? I'm sure the local residents will be up in arms about this. Perhaps I'm going out on a limb here and all it ent®ails
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