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  1. Vocoustics Promotions presents: RODDY WOOMBLE (Idlewild) + ANDREW MITCHELL (The Hazy Janes) Tuesday 15th May The Blue Lamp £12 advance tickets from 1UP Records or The Blue Lamp. £14 on the door. Doors 8pm RODDY WOOMBLE (Idlewild) Roddy has spent the last fifteen years recording music and touring worldwide with Idlewild. During this time releasing seven albums and supporting REM, U2 and Rolling Stones (amongst others). With the band on a break, Roddy is gaining a reputation as a solo artist in his own right, with two solo albums under his belt and as part of the trio "Drever, McCusker & Woomble". Press for "The Impossible Song & Other Songs": "This is a distinctly lovely affair" NME "A moving and quietly joyous collection of pieces weaving together strands of folk, jazz and country" The Guardian "The imagery is stricking... like island life it's self it won't be rushed" MOJO "One of Britain's most distinct and talented voices" Kerrang www.roddywoomble.com www.facebook.com/roddywoomble ANDREW MITCHELL (The Hazey Janes) The Hazey Janes have undergone their fair share of globe-trotting since their first release, some 8 years ago. After recording LPs in Spain and America respectively, the band headlined throughout the UK, played support to the likes of Elbow, Idlewild and Snow Patrol, and made two trips to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. New album ‘The Winter That Was’ (Armellodie Records) sees the band refining their zig-zag path from Country to Psych to Powerpop, with chunky chords, wistful lyrics and lush harmonies. “A late contender for Scottish album of the year” – Daily Record ★★★★★ – Daily Express ★★★★ – Mojo www.thehazeyjanes.com www.facebook.com/thehazeyjanes Vocoustics Promotions www.vocoustics.com www.facebook.com/vocoustics
  2. Sprag Session are a great band... check out this studio video of them recording "The Gwanwitcha"
  3. for those interested in this thread, you might also be interested in this... http://www.aberdeen-music.com/threads/may-1-2012-vocoustics-jp-cromier-the-elloitt-brothers-sprag-session-blue-aberdeen.52239/
  4. Vocoustics Promotions presents: a night of folk and Celtic roots music from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada... JP CROMIER & the ELLIOTT BROTHERS + SPRAG SESSION Tuesday 1st May The Blue Lamp £10 advance tickets from 1UP Records or The Blue Lamp. £12 on the door. Doors 8pm JP CROMIER & the ELLIOTT BROTHERS JP Cormier is a hugely talented bluegrass/folk/Celtic singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and multi-award winner (Canadian Folk Music Award, Music Nova Scotia Awards). He has played the Grand Ole Opry alongside Waylon Jennings and Earl Scruggs. Joined by Mike Elliott (bass) and Bill Elliott (guitar) this trio engage their combined talent for an electrifying set. jp-cormier.com myspace.com/jpcormiermusic SPRAG SESSION Sprag Session, formerly Colin Grant Band, has developed a unique style and repertoire of music. Lingering somewhere amidst the rich, soulful roots of traditional Cape Breton music and the grooves of a thousand branches of rock and funk, Colin Grant embarks on his latest project: a dynamic and thoughtful mingling of beats and melodies from an extensive host of musical influences. Far from the awkward malaise of mohawked bagpipers and kilted punks, the Sprag Session has created a kind of Celtic fusion that is as much Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Frank Zappa as it is Ashley MacIsaac. With a traditional trio comprised of the manic Jason ”leaden-left-hand” Roach (piano, Dawn and Margie Beaton) and embarrassingly talented Darren MacMullen (mandolin, guitar, banjo, J.P. Cormier) Grant hooked up with the rough and red-eyed blues/funk rhythm section of Merlin Clarke and Donnie Calabrese (Tom Fun Orchestra). Together, the group produces a fervent yet calculated rhythm that backs an expressively diverse range of tunes. While the lively sound never strays too distantly from its Cape Breton roots, Sprag Session has found an open ear in everyone from indie scenesters to blue-haired bingo stampers. “the whole package: superb musicianship, excellent compositions, unique arrangements, a band that exudes energy and virtuosity, a stage presence that connects with their audience.” (Celtic Colours International Festival) spragsession.com www.facebook.com/spragsession Vocoustics Promotions www.vocoustics.com www.facebook.com/vocoustics
  5. Thanks Adam... cant see where to do it post-posting Can a Mod do this post-posting?
  6. As I posted and "Event" and it has appeared http://www.aberdeen-music.com/events/vocoustics-pokey-lafarge-the-south-city-three-the-blue-lamp.239/ but no thread in the "gig and announcements" forum... should this be happening automatically? When I clicked "New Thread" option at the bottomw of pg1 on "gig and announcements" forum it looks like im posting an event which I dont want to duplicate... Maybe I am an idiot... but can someone clear this up? Thanks.
  7. missed the replies till now... ill get tickets into 1UP for this weekend....
  8. Dont know much about SOPA (or PIPA) but I see it in terms of a fight to keep information and speech as free as possible, or something... its all framed against copyright infringers etc but Im sure the reach of it can/would be much darker/sinister... ACTA is the EU equivalent which has been going through the legislative process in Euro parliament for the last few years... neat little video... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement
  9. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google gravity&l=1 quite like the lmgtfy thing...
  10. nice preview in the Herald today http://www.heraldscotland.com/arts-ents/music-features/he-ain-t-heavy-he-plays-like-my-brother-would-1.1135239
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00lst32 Video session on BBC Radio Ulster the other day...
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