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ive got no running water


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you dont realise how much you need water til it goes.

fuck knows where its gone.

scottish water say they are investigating the loss of water in the KA7 area......

i need to go to uni but cant really go out til i get some water. *sigh*

This really reminds me of a Family episode.

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no but i need t o have something to drink and brush my teeth and wash my face and stuff.

I remember the year the supply at Chapel of Garioch failed. A truck turned-up & dropped-off a few pallettes with cases of big bottles of Evian. The water co decided this would do in the meantime. Within a few hours, cars from all sorts of places out of area were turning-up to fill their boots with a few cases. Barmy! :D

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drinking isn't an issue as you can drink something from a bottle.. and if you want a hot drink use the microwave..


Wow, thats genius, why didnt anyone else think of that?

If you want something hot use the microwave.....thats very clever!

Can you just clarify...."drink something from a bottle" I guess you dont mean like bleach or stuff?

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