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  1. Thats real good and all but I and im sure others were hoping you'd get some Wonderwall in there. I know you've just moved up and so dont know the scene well but Wonderwall is a crowd pleaser here. Most bands will throw in an Oasis cover into their set, be it the wall or perhaps the more emotionally involved champagne supernova. The metal bands favouring a hardcore cover of SCYHO. It all depends on the night though and the cover's always played as the final song. Go out with a bang right?
  2. Have you got any youtube clips of yourself performing? If no, could you make one?
  3. Preid

    amp repair

    Just a quick mention, do not use contact cleaner on pots. It dries them out and fucks them. Im with Cabbage on this one. If you could do one little thing for me. Fire up the amp and when the volume starts to fade as you describe, give the amp a good hit with your hand. Its ghetto I know but its a revealing test. Does the volume shoot up? Report back with findings.
  4. I have the exact same interface and had the exact same problem in the beginning. Sadly it was that long ago I cant remember what I did to fix it. Here are a run down of my settings in Sonar, the DAW I use. Sampling rate: 44100 Buffers in Playback Queue: 2 Buffer Size: 5.8ms/256 samples (Effective latency @ 44hz:5.8ms) ASIO Driver version: 2.03 Drive Mode: ASIO Dithering: Triangular I have full chase lock, share drivers with other programs, use multiprocessing engine and use MMCSS all ticked. Use ASIO reported latency: 512 Everything else 0 or unchecked. Oh look I can C&P the TASCAM config file, embarrassing. [Aud]DataDir=C:\Cakewalk Projects\Audio DataPictureDir=C:\Cakewalk Projects\Picture CachePicCacheMB=500PicCacheZoom=128PicCacheLevels=2EnablePicCacheThreads=1ComputePicturesWhilePlaying=1CopyOnImport=1ReadCache=1WriteCache=0EnableCacheWriteThru=1VolMethod=1PanMethod=1DiskBufSize=256DiskRecBufSize=256ExtraDiskBuffers=2DitherAlgorithm=5ZeroFillMethod=2RecordPreAllocSeconds=0ZeroFillDB=300FlushWriteBeforeRead=0FlushMultiple=1DefaultEqPosition=0DefaultAudSnapOfflineStretchMethod=3DefaultAudSnapOnlineStretchMethod=1RadiusStretchingPitchCoherence=50RadiusStretchingPhaseCoherence=50RealtimePreroll=0SuspendPluginsOnBounce=1[Wave]DefaultSampleRate=44100DriverID=0WaveInID=0OpenInputFirst=0SmpteMode=1TimingOffsetMsec=0.000000TimingOffsetBuffers=0LatencyMsec=4BounceBufSizeMsec=0FlushOnStop=1ThreadSchedulingModel=1EnableMixThreads=1MixThreadCount=0EnableSetThreadIdealProcessor=1CSUseSpin=1AllowOfflineRenderMixThreads=1UseMMCSS=1MMCSSThreadPriority=2MMCSSTaskKey=Pro AudioFreeMemOnUnload=1AlwaysOpenAllDevices=0MinimizeDriverStateChanges=1RemoveDCOffset=0EnableAsioBufferSwitchTimeInfo=1EnableDeviceOutputLatencyCompensation=1UseHardwareSamplePosition=1BitsPerSample=24FileBitDepth=16RenderBitDepth=32ImportBitDepth=0ExtraPluginBufs=0MixDezipperUsec=50GapDezipperUsec=500WaveInBuffers=8WaveOutBuffersMME=4WaveOutBuffersKS=2MeterFrameSizeMS=40SyncMaxDriftMsec=2SyncDivisor=8ProfiledMME=0ProfiledKS=1ProfiledWASAPI=0UseWDMDmaForWASAPI=1LinkSendPan=0LinkPFSendMute=0StopOnEmptyPlayQueue=0KsUseInputEvent=0WaveOutExtraBuffers=1AutomationDecimationMsec=50EnableSSEMixing=1ThumbnailCacheSize=100ManageASIOThreadPriority=1EnableLiveADCRecalc=1UseAlias=0DropoutMsec=250StartFadeMsec=0StopFadeMsec=0PanLaw=0DisableIMDuringPlay=0ShowMultiChannelInputs=1ShowMultiChannelOutputs=1PanLawCompatMode=0[TASCAM US-144 MKII (2 in, 2 out)]MigratedDMA=1Name=TASCAM US-144 MKII 1/2InputLatencyOffset=0UseAsioReportedLatency=1WidePacking=0Interleave=2Use24BitExtensible=0UseExtensibleForMultiChannelIO=1WDM.DMA.11025=11 11 11 11WDM.DMA.22050=22 22 22 22WDM.DMA.44100=256 1024 256 1024WDM.DMA.48000=256 1024 256 1024WDM.DMA.88200=256 1024 256 1024WDM.DMA.96000=256 1024 256 1024WDM.DMA.176400=176 176 176 176WDM.DMA.192000=192 192 192 192WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveOut1=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveOut2=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveIn1=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveIn2=1[IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (2 in, 2 out)]MigratedDMA=1Name=MicIn2 [WaveRT]InputLatencyOffset=0UseAsioReportedLatency=1WidePacking=4Interleave=2Use24BitExtensible=1UseExtensibleForMultiChannelIO=1WDM.DMA.11025=11 11 11 11WDM.DMA.22050=22 22 22 22WDM.DMA.44100=44 44 44 44WDM.DMA.48000=48 48 48 48WDM.DMA.88200=88 88 88 88WDM.DMA.96000=96 96 96 96WDM.DMA.176400=176 176 176 176WDM.DMA.192000=192 192 192 192WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveOut1=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveOut2=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveIn1=1WDM.DriverMap.UseWaveIn2=1[SampleRates]Count=80=110251=220502=441003=480004=882005=960006=1764007=192000[US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII (2 in, 2 out)]InputLatencyOffset=0UseAsioReportedLatency=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveOut1=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveOut2=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveIn1=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveIn2=1[US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII (1 in, 1 out)]InputLatencyOffset=0UseAsioReportedLatency=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveOut1=1MME.DriverMap.UseWaveIn1=1[AliasInput]US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII in L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII in LUS-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII analog in L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII analog in LUS-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII digital in L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII digital in L[AliasOutput]US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII out L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII out LUS-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII analog out L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII analog out LUS-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII digital out L=US-122 MKII / US-144 MKII US-144 MKII digital out LYou can load that config I guess. I really wish I knew how to do that spoiler thing I see going about but oh well. You'll get it working eventually, apart from the pop noise that appears in the recorded audio whenever the level led goes out its a nae bad unit.
  5. Does it sound fucked through both the amp and headphones? If you're using headphones that have a inline volume control there's a good chance you'll get the symptoms you're describing. Actually it'll sound like crap through the guitar amp regardless. I've had to fix a fair few jack/psu connector's and its usually caused by drunk fools getting caught up in cables lying on the deck. Which then in turn yanks the unit causing damage. The last Zoom fx pedal I fixed the track had been pulled up off the PCB and snapped. Zoom sure do know quality. If you strip the unit down as far as you can and then take that to someone who has a decent set of screw drivers and a way with a soldering iron you should be safe. I'd have a go but after looking at pics of it on google I dont want to attempt it incase I break it - which would no doubt compromise our friendship. Look at all the sliders, its even got a turny wheel thing! Oh and I spy RCA connectors on the back, you can use them.
  6. Really? After all this its still fucked? Its not a big job, worst part is taking the unit apart. What are you plugging into the jack?
  7. I dont want to join a indie band, sorry.
  8. https://soundcloud.com/distortion-1-1/promo Since I can only fit two of these in per post, here's the third.
  9. Looking for others to try get something going. Im a guitarist, formerly of Crooked Little Vein. Based in Aberdeen with all my own gear, mid twenties and I drive. Think that covers the essentials. No set sound in mind. Have a listen to a few idea's and see what you think. https://soundcloud.com/distortion-1-1/idea https://soundcloud.com/distortion-1-1/arcadia-rising
  10. http://soundcloud.com/distortion-1-1 http://www.facebook.com/#!/jack.reid.3133 I have a drummer on call.
  11. I may know you.

    Im a guitarist, formerly Crooked Little Veins guitarist.


    All the relevant links.

    Add me on FB if keen.


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