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Favourite Anime Movies?


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Top anime movies


Millenium Actress

Perfect Blue

Tokyo Godfathers

Spirited Away

My Neighbour Totoro

Fist of the North Star

Ghost in the Shell (this film is an acquired taste, be warned)

Top anime series

Paranoia Agent


Macross Plus


I tend not to prefer anime series, especially the newer ones. They are really for kids and those who love their saturday morning cartoons. I've never gotten into Naruto.

Elfen Lied in my opinion is exploitve crap. Violent for the sake of being violent. It was sort of ok, the story held through but was ultimately average at best. Amazing animation quality though.

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yeah stuff like naruto and inu yasha is blatently aimed at kids, there are still a few decent adult orientated series tho. I've just started watching speed grapher and it certainly has some pretty adult themes, infact it occurred to me that some of these animes are better and more complex than the average hollywood movie, without the expense and egotistical actors.

Oh yeah cowboy bebop deserves a mention, if only for a handful of cool episodes and a great soundtrack.

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Most favs are:

Princess Mononoke

My neighbour totoro

akira (appreciated it even more after reading mangas)

Other favs:

Perfect Blue

Spirited away

Jin-Roh wolf brigade

Grave of the Fireflies

Ninja Scroll

Tokyo Godfathers

Ghost in the shell (didn't like it so much the first time, but grew on me after a couple watches)

And I'd totally recommend all of these. I'll give a mini review of any if you're interested.

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I'd like a mini review of the Akira Manga please.

How in the hell did you manage to afford it? Or did you get it from the library or something? It's like 120+ for the entire collection. :down:

Well i havn't actually read all of them, just the first 3, but these are basically the whole of the anime. The other 3 I don't think are part of the film. If i had the money I definately would get them, but you're right, they are damn expensive.

But yeah, the mangas are the best books I have ever read. You get totally caught up in the story and can't put it down. I'd read one of the books in a couple of days (makes you think if it's worth it...). It is basically the same story, with more detail. A lot of added parts, some scenes are the other way around, and some have the same idea but different settings.

If i were you, and you enjoyed the anime, I'd definately go out of my way to get them (never tryed the library, good idea though!). I certainly enjoyed it more than the film, and it also adds background to the plot and characters not seen in the film.

Oh yeah, try not to get them in Forbidden Planet. They are 22.99 there (fucking hell). I got them off the internet from either play or amazon(or both) where it was like 13-16 quid for each. Can't remember, but i'm sure i saw them somewhere for even better...

Oh yeah, I heard fist of the north star was shite. Is it actually good/worth a watch?

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Cowboy Beebop (Slick, Stylish film and series)

Ghost In The Shell (pretty fucked up, but immensly drawn)

Ninja Scroll (see above)

Violence Jack (Hands-on voilence, as the title would suggest)

Metropolis (after having seen original film it's amazing)

I think Akria's well over-rated, i can see how well it's been drawn and how good some of the graphics are, but it's just a bunch of poofs going around on bikes.

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Any recommendations?

anything along the lines of the three i mentioned would be superb

I'd maybe try Ninja Scroll. It not really like the 3 you mentioned, but you'd probably like it. Lots of cool ninja fight scenes. The story can seem kinda cliched in a sense (kill the 8 demons) but it's really not. Also pretty graphic scenes at times.

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Have any of those who listed guyver been watching the new series?

As for anime movies,Vampire Hunter D is pretty kick ass,as is Blood.Akira is a classic,a category which should also include Ghost in The Shell.

Series I would recomend would be Neon Genesis Evangelion(mind fuck and a half),Hellsing,Shadow Skill(if you can get a hold of a fan-subbed version).I've heard good things about Full Metal ALchemist,but what I saw didn't grab my attention. Guyver(either the 12 part series from 89 or the series currently airing in Japan which has fansubs/.srt's available) is my favourite anime tale of all time,although it may not be for everyone since it can have a 'monster of the week' feel at times,but the new series really develops the characters.

ok [/geekmode]

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There is new Guyver? Hello??

I've been watching Guyver since I was in Primary School! It's just so fucking awesome! I really should hunt down those videos on eBay, or maybe someones put them on DVD to buy!

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geno cyber and cyber city oedo (both from manga's cyber punk collection)

brilliant technogore 3 part films with pretty cool characters and action a plenty

devilman 1 and 2

nothing beats a go nagai film (blood, demons, fight scenes and awful voice overs with riddiculous storylines) anyone who has seen violence jack will get a kick outta it!

Adventure duo is a 3 part film that is from the creators of urotsukidoji....if you like urotsukidoji then you will most likely enjoy this although adventure duo is pretty much a hentai flick

anyone who mentioned street fighter will more than likey have seen the alpha movie, if you liked that then you will be pleased to know a sequal is out this month

if your still reading then good i still have a few more gems to mention......

anime shows arent my thing but i cant help but love samurai champloo and azumanga daioh

thats all for now

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