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  1. Gall_4185

    Shoot 'Em Up

    Watched it again on dvd the other night,sheer mindless fun. The quips and one liners are worth it alone,never mind the violence
  2. RenegadeKorr for me. Got Halo3 in my xbox360 deal earlier in the month,but haven't played it much. maybe this would motivate me a bit more
  3. Joined up today,so I'm currently propping up the table. Lets see how well I do come may
  4. Had to feel sorry for Sergio on the last day. Same thing happening on the 18th twice cost him the claret jug. Still,nice to see a golf tournament where woods didn't lead 90% of the time
  5. Fairy nuff Kate,but while I am a cynical bastard,I'm also a big kid at heart. I guess I just hoped for more from it
  6. Two ways to summarise this book for me would be "Underwhelming" and "Deus Ex Machina". It just came across as rushed and contrived in places
  7. And by the way,the legal loophole mentioned in the first post closes in october when the new liscencing act comes into power.
  8. so far I'd go with Nine Inch Nails-Year Zero Bloc Party-Weekend in the City Chris Cornell's might sneak onto the list after a few more listens,the cover of Billie Jean is strangely addictive
  9. Gall_4185


    Am I the only one who loved ep 21?
  10. Gall_4185


    The creator said weeks ago the bomb went off in 22,but oh well.got it downloading now EDIT: Just watched it,pretty dark ep in places but up to the standard of this series. One more to go!
  11. Gall_4185


    22 tonight, the bomb goes off although I think it's gonna be ted going boom . Cannot wait.
  12. Gall_4185


    20 was awesome,can't wait to see how this plays out now
  13. Gall_4185


    Heroes...ep 19...oh my... I'll wait till hopefully a few more of you have seen it before I rant and rave about specifics
  14. Gall_4185

    best signings?

    Joos Valgaeren. Remember him and Mjallby scaring a few forwards at Parkhead
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