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Worst Places to Live in Britain


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and what was the criteria for them to come to this conclusion? sounds a load of bollocks to me, life's what you make it wherever you live. london has some of the shittiest slums in the UK but doesnt stop madonna living there does it?

peterborough is a tosshole mind and there's parts of belfast that are no go areas for the police and army and full of loyalist nutters.

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Aberdeen' date=' Im not kidding.[/quote']

Aberdeens nice enough. It's a bit grey, got a crap music scene and too many seagulls, but other than that its cool. Its better than Hull, were I'd get abuse walking down the street every single day, and I was literally scared to leave the house at times. I feel perfectly safe in Aberdeen.

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Guest tv tanned

OK, I understand that it is trendy to hate the place you live in or were raised in, but Aberdeen?!?!?

Try living in Cumbernauld, Paisley or some of the more deprived areas of Glasgow and then tell me it's better than Aberdeen.

Folk here don't know how lucky they are in many respects.

Having been there two or three times, I have to say that Paisley is not a very nice place at all.

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I adore Glasgow, I am hoping to move there later on in life, its Edinburgh I cannot stand. I lived there for a year and its a fucking hole. The people there were very unfriendly and the city just stank.

Stirling is a fucking pit that needs filling drastically, I will never ever move back there unless I really have to.

The place is so blinkered its pathetic. All the decent people left!

I love Aberdeen, I think this is where I will stay the rest of my life (if I don't get to Glasgow) the people here are ace, the night life is brilliant and its not too expensive.

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