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  1. I know a few people who were working on this, got a treat a few months back when they were tagged in an Album on facebook. Nice load of photos from behind the scenes of the making of.
  2. Just a wee bump and reminder that this is on MONDAY! Come along, see some great bands, and show your support and love for Union Terrace Gardens.
  3. And anyone who agrees with Mr Meades disdain for destroying Union Terrace Gardens can sign a petition to try and stop it here
  4. A night of the finest Live music as local bands and musicians show their support for the issues facing the future of Union Terrace Gardens and a proposed Contemporary Arts Centre in light of recently announced plans to pave over the Denburn Valley to create a concrete square. This scheme which will see the historic Gardens completely removed and filled in with concrete and steel, causing the destruction of one of the oldest parts of Aberdeen and 78 mature trees The proposed Contemporary Arts Centre was designed by to be sympathetic to the existing terrain of the gardens, and would improve the areas seen as dark and unwelcoming. Featuring INDIAN RED LOPEZ INDIAN|RED|LOPEZ on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads TURNING 13 turning13 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads AMBER PILOT Amber Pilot on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads HASHIMOTO JONES Hashimoto Jones on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads SARAH J TINGLE sarah j tingle on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads All proceeds go towards the I ? UTG campaign DRUMMONDS ? UTG | Facebook I ? UTG
  5. FOUND are playing in The Hub on 31st July as part of the Aberdeen City and Shire Film Festival. They're performing a live version of a soundtrack they've recently done for Norman MacLaren's film "Camera Makes Whoopie" as well as what they describe as their standard 'weddings and other family functions' set. The Hub is the central networking hub of the festival, a collabouration between Five and Grays School of Art with it's own series of screenings/workshops/demos/lectures/Live AV Events More information on the programme check out affthehub.tumblr.com or acsfilmfest.co.uk
  6. Hold on, I get textually attacked for suggesting Charlie Brooker is a Twat, by a bunch of people who actually agree he is a twat? Surelly a "I concur" would have done.
  7. well the fact that my mate worked with him and says so is a bit more solid than someone who has just read TVGoHome or his articles or seen Nathan Barley. I do like his work, but can also accept that he may not have the most pleasant of personalities.
  8. Have a mate who worked with him at Endemol, said he's an obnoxious twat.
  9. I'm off down to Glasgow tonight, staying over then travelling up fresh tomorrow morning. wooop
  10. you'll probably have to pay over the odds for a program once you get there.
  11. in my honours year i had a external examiner, and half way through talking to him i realised that he was the complete spit of Bill Murray. Spent the other half of the chat screaming "BILL MURRAY" in my head.
  12. was depressed lonelly frustrated and unemployed for a number of months, got a shit part time job in an off-licence before landing a decent degree-related job about six months after graduation. Why? You just graduated and worrying about what the hell's going to happen? If so I can empathise there.
  13. The Robot cover is by Mark Brady, the Rainbow cover by Katie Guthrie. (Who also has a piece in Kilau which you should check out if your heading there to make your purchase)
  14. Beastie Boys, The Divine Comedy, Hot Chip, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, CSS, LCD Soundsystem, King Creosote, Super Furries, Echo and The Bunnymen, Big Star, Sons And Daughters and The Aliens. I think there may be some clashing. Wether or not this means I like shite bands, I dont care.
  15. So is grindcore what the kids are into these days?
  16. I think 700-800 is pretty reasonable for this, these are the ones I've got in my editing lab at work, a few years old, the first ever Intels, and they're still working without glitch (touch wood) Although apple's just launched the new ones, so yeah price'll start to plummet soon.
  17. Fuck man, bad news. Well at least theres the possibilitie of a few new things that are bound to be good.
  18. i would love it, but no way could I afford it.
  19. Actually, I found out about this particular piece of news through this friend, and am quite interested in the history and legacy of Factory Records so found this post rather informative. Just because there are things you arent interested in doesnt mean that others, even if its just me, are.
  20. Cake Magazine On Sale Now. CAKE is back. Now with a new A4 Bi-Monthly Dual identity. Half Comic, Half Gallery Cake aims to deliver 21 pages of Fine Art and Illustration, each month curated by a different Artist, Curator, Designer, Writer etc to keep the magazine going with a fresh orignal approach each issue. On the flipside of the Gallery is the comic. An anthology featuring Five strips, three ongoing serials and two small short term stories. This month features work from Chad McCail, Sarah J Tingle, Katie Guthrie, Andy Cranston, David Shrigley, Martin McKenna, Robert Bremner, Malcy Duff, Mood of Collapse and Anita Stewart. And Comics By Mark Brady, Stephen Goodall, Fraser Denholm, Matt Cowan and Emma Duff. CAKE is available in the following places around Aberdeen: Project Slogan, Victoria Road, Torry//Kilau, Little Belmont Street//Earl of Sandwich, The Green//Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill//The Cavern, Belmont Street//Peacock Visual Arts, Castlegate//Limousine Bull, Deemouth Business Centre, Aberdeen. Cake is also available in Glasgow at Transmission, King Street and in Edinburgh at The Embassy, East Crosscausewayside. Enjoy! And feedback is always welcome.
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