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  1. I know a few people who were working on this, got a treat a few months back when they were tagged in an Album on facebook. Nice load of photos from behind the scenes of the making of.
  2. Of course it wont be as easy. Although one interesting thing the technical appraisal into the square quotes is the use of Compulsary Purchase Orders to buy up any properties, air rights etc. They are mentioned as a way to "speed up the process" or some such. Whatever the issue this whole thing is a massive engineering undertaking which will definatelly cost about twice as much as they say, just to put things like this into effect. Not only that but it will cover up most of the architecture of belmont street, Drummonds downstairs, downstars in One up, even the Revolution and Siberia beer Gardens will fall UNDER this concrete surface.
  3. It'll be "sloped" to "work with the existing contours" and concrete straight over to belmont street, around the buildings, covering most of the beer gardens and a couple of buildings in its entirity. if you have a look at the drawings, you can see that some buildings are in fact, only roofs on the surface of the square.
  4. Cloud, man, are you just trolling here? You don't seem to understand or have done any looking into how public projects or public funding work. Yes Peacock need to raise another 4 million, however they have all but secured half of this. At the moment it is very difficult for them to confirm any funding in garner interest in any other because given ACC's historic procrastenation and lack of vision of strategic leadership anyone interested in investing, at the moment because of the indecisiveness investors would be reluctant to put up any money until they know what the status is with the project. As Peacock is a charity, not a private enterprise, and works very much in the public realm then it needs to gain interest from Public body funding for the majority of the capital costs. Once these are in place there is a more tangible case for them to plead for private finance. Which they have done, however with Wood's announcement TEN DAYS after they received the last of their public money meant they had no time at all to secure any further funding. Other cities across the country have invested in cultural and cultural infrastructure to their benefit. DCA in Dundee gives back around five times its annual public investment to the city per annum, and makes Dundee's current bid for the first Victoria and Albert offshoot outside London all the more credible. Perhaps there are is, comparitively, small amount of people investing in Aberdeen currently, however this small scale investment will attract others to Aberdeen and retain many students who currently move straight out of the city once graduated which can only help but diversfy the range of activities, business and ventures which happen in the City.
  5. As has been said, Dave, all the public money was in place, as was planning permission everything was set to go before Wood stuck his 50 million oar in. The had definitelly not failed to make their case. And as of yet, the council have not rowed back their support, the project has been placed in hiatus while Wood's scheme is being investigated. There was a great deal of support for this project outside the Artistic community and there still is.
  6. I find your lack of faith disturbing, but again its part of that apathy that assures that nothing happens. The only reason Peacock wont go ahead is because the council is happier to suck up to millionaires than put in motion a plan which could benefit the city in years to come. This idea of Wood's has been rejected three times in the last 20 years, and the only reason it is being proposed again is because he "sees it as [his] personal failure" and once the Arts Centre is built he will never get it (not that it will ever attract any funding EVER anyway) Maybe instead of accepting a predetermined "inevitability" people should ask the questions of their council, like many are doing now. Otherwise there IS no future for Aberdeen, culturally or otherwise.
  7. And also, it will bring light to the parts of the gardens which many percieve as dark and dangerous, and by use of a lift provide access down into the Gardens for those who may not be able to make the steps. The idea of those gardens being underused is one of the biggest myths being pushed around. In the summer they are always full, and for a public garden even if there is only one person there they are being used. Plus you don't have to be in them to be making use of them, they're there to look at and enjoy the sight. They are the perfect oasis in the sea of Gray around them. Currently they close "an hour before sunset" but with the addition of the building which will more than likely be open till around midnight people will be able to use them into the evening as well. Aberdeen would become the laughing stock of the civilized world if it was to do away with the only green space within its city centre to make way for a car park and concrete square. Its reputation is already pretty grim...
  8. Aberdeen's Contemporary Art Centre will bring, if DCA's figures are anything to go by, and their own business plan, around 5-6 Million each year with an expected footfall of around 250 thousand people. These people may enjoy their experience so much they might stay here. It will provide a home for Arts Outreach programmes led by Peacocks itself and Also Whitespace, the Arts Development and Education groups who do a great deal of work with community groups outside Aberdeen in some of the more deprived areas, and also work together with Schools and Artists delivering exciting and new programmes to kids. Not only an Art Gallery, the centre will cater for CityMoves giving them more space for their dance groups, there will be an Art Gallery as well as a top-notch printmaking facility and TV Studio. Investment in this kind of workshop facilities which are available for all to use will be a bonus and benefit the city no end. The building itself, designed by one of the most prestigious up-and-coming young Architecture practices, with its innovative design and integration into the space will be a draw and having such a beutifully designed buildings will improve the profile of the city among the architecture community, because lets face it anything that has been built in Aberdeen in the last 20 years has been an absolute eyesore. Maybe it wont cater for you as it seems you are part of Wood's mythical 80% but it will cater for a lot of people and attract people to come and stay in the city and invest in business or enterprise which doesn't involve oil exploration. It will hopefully enrich the cultural aspects of this city and encourage talented, vibrant graduates from the Universities to stay and invest something into the city.
  9. Wood's plans dissected here: Blerr De Blerr Blerr
  10. Just a wee bump and reminder that this is on MONDAY! Come along, see some great bands, and show your support and love for Union Terrace Gardens.
  11. And anyone who agrees with Mr Meades disdain for destroying Union Terrace Gardens can sign a petition to try and stop it here
  12. A night of the finest Live music as local bands and musicians show their support for the issues facing the future of Union Terrace Gardens and a proposed Contemporary Arts Centre in light of recently announced plans to pave over the Denburn Valley to create a concrete square. This scheme which will see the historic Gardens completely removed and filled in with concrete and steel, causing the destruction of one of the oldest parts of Aberdeen and 78 mature trees The proposed Contemporary Arts Centre was designed by to be sympathetic to the existing terrain of the gardens, and would improve the areas seen as dark and unwelcoming. Featuring INDIAN RED LOPEZ INDIAN|RED|LOPEZ on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads TURNING 13 turning13 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads AMBER PILOT Amber Pilot on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads HASHIMOTO JONES Hashimoto Jones on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads SARAH J TINGLE sarah j tingle on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads All proceeds go towards the I ? UTG campaign DRUMMONDS ? UTG | Facebook I ? UTG
  13. FOUND are playing in The Hub on 31st July as part of the Aberdeen City and Shire Film Festival. They're performing a live version of a soundtrack they've recently done for Norman MacLaren's film "Camera Makes Whoopie" as well as what they describe as their standard 'weddings and other family functions' set. The Hub is the central networking hub of the festival, a collabouration between Five and Grays School of Art with it's own series of screenings/workshops/demos/lectures/Live AV Events More information on the programme check out affthehub.tumblr.com or acsfilmfest.co.uk
  14. Neither I, nor any other artists I know think that being an artist makes them any better than anyone else who does any other job. Art isn't elitist, it is for everyone it is there bare for all to see. Most exhibitions are free, anyone can go, and Artists want their work to be seen, that is why it is exhibited. Most people think its exclusive because they think they don't understand and people fear what they don't understand. Not everyone might get or like certain works, but not everyone likes certain types of film or music, and would you still oppose council funding for a film or music venue?
  15. Thing is Aberdeen does need this Art Centre, and I'm surprised that it has taken this long and still things are getting stalled. The rest of the country is moving forwards and developing their cultures and nurturing their creative industries. Glasgow has long since shed it's Industrial heritage and through artist run spaces and art centres like Transmission, Tramway, the CCA, Goma, The Modern Instutute (Among many, many more) to develop the city culturally on an international level, the Glasgow International is fast becoming one of the big global art festivals, the Edinburgh Festival is world famous, and Dundee, since the opening of the DCA is becoming more culturally creative and has become very attractive on the cultural map. Aberdeen doesn't have any culture, because it has never needed it because of oil money keeping the economy going. But increasingly all we have are identical bars, chain shops and restraunts, with an ever decreasing signs of independence or individuality. Union Street is half-empty as shops move out into large malls or just get killed with competition from bigger stores, it isn't an attractive place for the city to be in. All you can do here is Drink, Eat or Shop. And while it has gotten by with this money-orientated culture when other cities have looked to expression, somehow the city council has lost 50million quid. (isn't it strange how Mr Wood's offer is exactly the same as the council deficit?) Since I have come to Aberdeen, in my time at Grays as a student and now as staff I have seen dozens of incredibly talented artists pass through the school and immediatelly leave the city. They leave because there is simply nothing to keep people here, there are more opportunities to make their work and gain employment further south, for a city to expand culturally it needs creative people to make things happen, to think slightly differently, do crazy things and make the city more exciting to the benefit of all, its a difficult situation to face. In recent years an expanding group of graduates and artists have decided to stick around, myself included, to give Aberdeen a chance because it has so much potential for cultural growth, mostly due to the whisperings that have been going around about Peacocks and the subsequent publication of the plans, but also because of initiatives like Project Slogan which have sprung up due to the increasing number of artists, but if this project falls through we all loose. If the Art Centre doesnt happen in Union Terrace gardens it is unlikelly to happen anywhere else, and Peacocks will probably cease to exist. Without an organisation of Peacocks level committed to the furthering of contemporary art the structure of the little scene we are building here will fall apart. But then again maybe I am wrong and maybe people who say we don't need an Art Centre are right. And you know, probably for the next few years Aberdeen will continue to do pretty well on the black gold. But when the oil industry has sucked the city dry and moved on what exactly will there be left? The artists will probably all have gone south finally listening to that instruction I've seen many times on these boards for outsiders "if you don't like it: LEAVE!"
  16. Yeah, by expressing the opinon that there are "better" things to spend money on then obviously an assertion is being made on the value of arts and culture. So yes, people are seriously questioning its value. Art isn't elitest, art is for everyone. What is the problem is people's preconceptions of what art is and what kind of people artists are. Its not as though the new peacock is going to refuse anyone who doesnt know about or like art.
  17. Appologies, my mistake. You know what I mean though....
  18. For a start, the Art Centre has only required 3 million of Aberdeen council funding, Wood may be offering 50 million, but the development will more than likelly cost more than the same again to complete, and is the city going to have to cover this? I see 3 million to an art centre, to a group of people who are scandalously underrepresented in this town as a better investment than a hundred million quid development that in the long run will only benefit Mssrs Wood, Milne etc who will profit from the venture.
  19. I think Lepeep posted the six points which were included as notes to editors from the peacock press release. Basically none of the peacocks development will be allowed to go ahead until after the feasibility study and if the date for Peacocks slides any further they loose the design team, staff, all key funding and the project is a no go. There is nothing mentioned in Ian Wood's plan concerning Peacocks, who have been planning this for ages, spent a lot of time and money to get this thing going. Essentially the tone of the notes at the end of the release suggests that if this building doesnt get the go ahead then Peacocks will be no more, which is a stark frightening possibility to face. Love it or hate it, Peacocks (I'm going to avoid saying PVA as that is also a glue) is the biggest hitter in the already miniscule art infrastructure. Basically if this doesnt go ahead that is it for any art in Aberdeen. I agree wholeheartedly with Jim, there is only so long the artistic community can bang its head against a brick wall before realising that our efforts will actually be appreciated elsewhere. Its not only Peacocks that will lose out, as will Whitespace, Arts Development, Creative Cultures, Cultural Enterprise and every other organisation which will be housed in the Centre. All this idea of the square uniting the city centre is absolutelly laughable, and I am sick of the complaints about empty shop fronts and lack of a centre when the Council continues to allow the building and development of massive shopping centres. If you look at the monstrosity emerging above the station, then its obviously going to have hundreds of retail units, there are only so many shops to take these spaces and this town is full enough of identical shops with a handful of anything different. Plus, to look back on all the naysayers for the centre who were upset at the loss of historic trees, if this development goes ahead then it sounds as though those trees wont be around for much longer. All in all this is just a stupid, stupid plan that is just going to be another waste of money. If Wood really wants to help the city then why not develop areas that are already there, the aforementioned Green, the Castlegate, St Nicolas Square.
  20. I thought the Council was attempting to KEEP people in Aberdeen. They're just giving people more excuses to go somewhere else where movements aren't restricted. Just when I thought things were looking up.
  21. Hold on, I get textually attacked for suggesting Charlie Brooker is a Twat, by a bunch of people who actually agree he is a twat? Surelly a "I concur" would have done.
  22. well the fact that my mate worked with him and says so is a bit more solid than someone who has just read TVGoHome or his articles or seen Nathan Barley. I do like his work, but can also accept that he may not have the most pleasant of personalities.
  23. Have a mate who worked with him at Endemol, said he's an obnoxious twat.
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