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  1. well ticketweb says sold out.. maybe there'll be some on the door. hopefully ross or someone can let us know whether it's worth making the trip? jeez.. so what's with all the kids buying tickets in advance??
  2. if you're there for a while, then you might want to check out student halls.. there are loads of them about.. (edit) oh wait.. two weeks.. maybe not. i should learn to read.
  3. a fan here.. first heard them on the how does it feel to be loved? compilation and picked up a 7" (fire escape) from one-up last year.. ..there are so many really good indiepop bands out there at the moment. we've actually been considering trying to get a few of them up here.. we're not sure whether anyone would actually turn up though!
  4. i thought someyoungpedro were pretty good.. kept my attention anyway. those other two were on top form as usual:up: thought the tunes afterwards could've been a bit more consistant.. would've enticed a few more folk to dance for longer (i can't talk). was pretty wasted.. but remember hearing that Fuck Buttons tune.. not sure how dancable that particular one is.
  5. hi there, check out my myspace... MySpace.com - herzog - Aberdeen, UK - Electronica / Folk / Experimental - www.myspace.com/herzogmusic i'm always up for collabs and the like..
  6. this'll be the third time we've been treated to a bit of Caribou in as many years, no? therefore i expect, nae demand this trend to continue, mike.. ..perhaps we can declare a special "caribou day" every year and make it a public holiday? am i being too greedy?
  7. i laughed harder at the comments "That would suck if the guy hit that girl by accident like he was giving that guy directions and pointed and hit the girl and the got his ass kicked for no reason." "right after the guy hits his girlfriend that guy in the yellow fuckin beat that piss out of those fuskheads what a bunch of dicks"
  8. Cancelled - according to their myspace anything else happening at DHC instead?
  9. hands up who thought that was rather good?? and yeah.. the left side was pretty shit.. but it was mostly made up of people going to the toilet.
  10. supports are: screaming tea party.. and roys iron DNA ..parently. never heard of 'em.
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