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  1. You can win tickets for this here show here: The Kiosque Aberdeen Music/Competition: Joan of Arc, Hot Club De Paris, Seas, Starry, Min Diesel
  2. Indian Red Lopez album now available to pre-order The Kiosque Aberdeen Music: Indian Red Lopez Album Pre-Order
  3. "Aberdeen: The Festival City"
  4. Yeah, seems that the info at the moment is coming from the ticketmaster link that appeared earlier The Kiosque Aberdeen Music: Initial Northern Lights Music Festival Artists Revealed? Since been told it's all true and a further announcement will be made this weekend.
  5. Yeah, was notified of this about 10 minutes after I put the post up. Condolences to Johnny & family...
  6. ...or save even more dosh by winning a pair of tickets here: The Kiosque Aberdeen Music/Competition: Lone Pigeon, The Pictish Trail, Lomond Campbell
  7. Aye, this will happen later this month. Sad to see AberdeenEvents go by the way. Always been of the 'the more the merrier' view when it comes to folk doing stuff for the scene up here. Hopefully Billy will resurface with something else soon...
  8. Aye, Good luck Eoin. Give me a shout if I can help in any way. John
  9. This Although Facebook is becoming ever more unwieldy if you follow/like loads of bands/labels/venues/daft pages etc (which I try not to tbh) I get the feeling there'll be something else just around the corner (either Facebook-related or not) which will help you filter stuff a bit better somehow, Don't ask me what it is though. I wish I knew. I really fucking wish I knew
  10. That's what I mean, it's OK if you're 'in the loop' so to speak (I mean, even I get sent quite a lot of stuff promoting gigs in E-Burg) but looking at it from a punter's point of view (especially if you're outside the city and not seeing the flyposters etc) it is difficult to find out about the smaller, more interesting gigs. Weird when you see how well the online festival/fringe stuff is done for one month a year. You'd think someone involved in that might have noticed a gap in the market. Course they wouldn't have the massive sponsorship cash to play with I suppose... Billy is going to kick our arses for blabbing on aboot this on here. Sorry Billy
  11. Weird isn't it? We keep getting told how healthy (ken what ah mean like) the Edinburgh scene is at the moment but outside of The List & The Skinny (whose coverage is patchy at best) and the odd blog (like Under the Radar) it's hard to find out who's actually playing where and when. Anyway, thread hijacked somewhat so yeah, everyone listen to Billy's Podcast. It's ace.
  12. You can win a pair of tickets for this here: Music/Competition: Emma Pollock & Adrian Crowley ...and yes, a lot of the quotes, the video etc may be, just may be, ahem, similar to what you've already read above. So what? I'm busy.
  13. I've forwarded this thread on twitter to the folks at Musa to see if they're interested. Good luck
  14. Glad you're enjoying it man, just about everyone I've recommended it to says the same. Ira Glass is a legend. Cheers for those who mentioned The Nerdist too, good stuff, got the live show they did recently lined up for a train journey tomorrow actually. As for fitba, The Guardian's World Cup Daily has been decent, haven't heard it every day but James Richardson and Sid Lowe are always a good listen.
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