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  1. Been spending some time on 4chan have we?
  2. I am not too sure, Im sure the Uni libraries are open but I think the local ones might be shut. Bets thing to do is give them a call and find out.
  3. Yeah they got the day off, its a national holiday!
  4. Hexic music makes me sleepy so I sometimes doze off during games...
  5. Doh... Im the only one in there!
  6. Yay! Good to see another fan! March of Death is an amazing track!
  7. The 'film' is bloody awful. I couldnt stop looking at Van Damme's mismatching hair/eyebrow combo.
  8. If a tourney happens I am up for some of that!
  9. I never really took the the 3 series but I still give them a bash now and then!
  10. Im rather handy with Chun Li, I wouldnt mind giving you a game!
  11. Nausicaa is the best MIyazaki movie in my opinion, its just such a tremendious animation and a really moving story. I can't wait to get it again!
  12. Yeah, Bunny is a dude! I saw this a while back and its rather uncomfy viewing. I thik it was filmed by Chris Cunningham as he is a friend of the said Bunny. I think...it is far too early for me!
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