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  1. Chloe's a munter But her and Bill Buchanan are both in the new season
  2. Does anyone else get the feeling that the writers are making up the story as they go along? Either that, or they are trying to add too much storyline to the overall plot. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking the show FAR too much haha.
  3. HOLY FUCK, that was a shit hot ending to the series. I fucking love this programme. I don't think Eko and Locke (or even Desmond) are dead. It was ace to get some answers as well, but sooo many new questions. Claire is hot. So, anyone have the word on season 3? or will I start a new thread
  4. Nah, trust me you didn't Well, not to me anyway
  5. Does anyone here know of any good, free online pool websites? Maybe with mini-golf too? Cheers!
  6. It depends if that person has a purpose in the first place (which most people don't). I use it to store and show photographs until I can be arsed building my own website.
  7. Oh fucking nice one! You can't beat a good blooper reel Well, you can actually, but...you know! EDIT: I can't believe the biggest thread I've ever started is aboot to come to an end Oh well, Season 3 soon...
  8. When I pick up the phone at work and say "Good morning, Jessops Aberdeen, Craig speaking, how can I help?" And the punter replies "Is that Jessops?" So I say "yes" and they then say "In aberdeen?"
  9. I sell grossly over priced photography equipment to the general public. I also used to listen to The Levellers, full-time.
  10. Finally downloaded it last night. It will give me something to watch tonight since I have nae to go out
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