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Scottish National Anthem

Guest bluesxman

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Guest bluesxman

So apparently we are campaigning to have our own national anthem. Someone wrote in to the Sun yesterday and suggested the Bluebells' Young at Heart. Kill me now.

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Guest bluesxman
don't we have a national anthem allready?

Flower of Scotland is kind of an unofficial national song originally adopted by the rugby mob then the football mob years later. God Save The Queen unfortunately is ours by default. We should adopt the Pistols version.

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Oi Polloi - Take back the Land

Tore the people from the land

Torched their houses with bloodied hands

Thousands starved or died at sea

A sickening toll of human misery

Broke the old clan system when land was there for all

And once the people had their backs against the wall

The connivance of the church cleared them off the land

"Remember it's God's will so don't try to make a stand"

They made a desert wher trees once stood

Squeezing from the land every penny that they could

Ethnic cleansing of the glens for farming sheep

'Cos that way there's more profit for the rich scum to reap (rape)

"Beautiful bleak moorland?"- I don't think so

This is a place where great forests used to grow

Laid waste by a rich man's greed

Reclaim the land and plant the seed

Yet still every year, seeking their roots

They come from overseas to kiss the boots

Of the clan chief and lick the hand

Of the very people who threw their families off the land

This is nothing more than a sick farce

paying homage to the ruling class

Who, without hesitation, do it all again

Those who forget history to repeat it are condemned

"Gee, Scotland-It's so quaint

All this scenery makes me feel quite


Clan chief looks so good in his kilt

We never think of the blood his family spilt"

"I'm the clan chief o.k. yah

I support Scotland when they play rugger

But an independent country? there I'd draw the line

I own this land it's mine all mine

FUCK YOU, You arrogant prick

You inbred rich bastard, YOU MAKE ME FUCKING SICK

You own fuck all-except in your head

One day the land will be ours-and you'll be dead

I won't beg permission to walk the land they claim to "own"

And I won't pay no fucker to gain access to THE STONES

The rich have stolen and buy and sell our earth

But it belongs to NO ONE-or to all by right of birth






Oi Polloi - GLF

Slavishly conform

To the system's norms

And if you know what's best

Don't stand out from the rest

Sheeplike mentality

Oppressing you and me

Braindead fools

Taunted you at school

But gingerheads are good in bed

And carrot tops know how to rock

Conformist system we must smash

Hear our rockin' readhead thrash

The abuse and ridicule of those

Of different physical appearance is symptomatic

Of a sick system bent on enforcing

Conformity and suppressing the individual


Ginger Liberation

For kids of all nations

Open your eyes wide

Strike a blow for redhead pride


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how about

Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice

* (Ron Clark / Carl McDougall)

Oot o' the East there came a hard man

Oh oh, a' the way frae Brigton

Ah haw, glory hallelujah

Cod liver oil and the orange juice

He went intae a pub, an' he cam oot paralytic

Oh oh, VP [or Lanliq] an' cider

Ah haw, what a helluva mixture ...

(Spoken: Sex rears its ugly head now ...)

Does this bus go tae the Dennistoun Palais

I'm looking for a lumber

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

(Eyes up the talent ... and lo and behold!)

In the dancin' he met Hairy Mary

Oh oh, the floo'er o' the Gorbals

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

(Chats her up ...)

Oh noo Mary, are ye dancin'

Naw, naw, it's jist the way ah'm stannin'

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

(Rebuffed ...)

Oh Mary, yer wan in a million

Oh oh, so's yer chances

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

(Rebuffed again!)

Well then Mary, can ah run ye hame

Oh oh, ah've got a pair o' sandshoes

Ah haw, yer helluva funny ...

(Never say die ... sways aboot nonchalantly,

picks his nails wi' his bayonet -

and hew knocks it off!)

Doon through the back close an' intae the dunny

It wasnae for the first time

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

Then oot cam her mammy, she's goin' tae the cludgie

Oh oh, ah buggered off sharpish

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...

Hairy Mary looking for her hard man

Oh oh, he's jined the Foreign Legion

Ah haw, Sahara an' ra camels ...

Then Hairy Mary had a little baby

Oh oh, its faither's in the Army

Ah haw, glory hallelujah ...


(East - Glasgow's east end; Brigton - the Glasgow suburb of Bridgeton)

(VP, Lanliq - cheap fortified wines)

(Dennistoun Palais - dance hall in the east end suburb of Dennistoun)

(Gorbals - former Glasgow inner-city slum district)

(sandshoes - sneakers)

(dunny - tenement passage or basement)

(cludgie - shared toilet in tenement blocks)

As sung by Hamish Imlach

my father likes to sing this from time to time when he inebriated

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i hope the shit pop band comment wasn't directed at the proclaimers who are definitely not shit and might even struggle to be called pop on occasion. runrig are pretty dire though, they had their moments and i admit i was a fan in my youth but generally they're a bit guff. wolfstone are okay, my friends has some family who are in wolfstone.

if we pick caledonia i'm leaving. it'll be flower of scotland. even if the whole country only knows one verse(though surely that's the making of a national anthem).

i liked that oi polloi one though, don't fancy it's chances mind.

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why must the National Anthem be anything by The Proclaimers or RunRig?

This is a song that, potentially, could be around for the next few centuries & be a musical representation of our country. And you want to squander that on some pop band?

There must be some Robert Burns song or poem out there that has a more timeless and relevant theme to it?

I'm sorry but a couple of geeky Hibs fans or some crap Gaelic pub band (with a Canadian singer no less) hardly fit the bill as far as I'm concerned.

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