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  1. http://www.undergroundscene.co.uk/upload/showthread.php?t=39664
  2. haha in the music mag from the observer theres a tour diary theres a pic of backstage at dundee and im in it :] xo
  3. it was on whilst i was in the cinese waiting for my order certainly put me off eating anyway it was the violin bit when the 2 guys were slicing theyre arms
  4. they will play over here sooner or later they were supposed to suppost lostprophets last year and the used (i think) aswell xo
  5. yeah im quite excited about it aswell *awaits slagging of mr doherty*
  6. i didnt make it to the aberdeen show but i caught them in dundee (for free) because my best mates dad booked them. we got to meet drew and adam but i must say i was blown away by how nice pete was. i expected him to be a bit arrogant but i can honestly say he was one of the most poilte people iv ever met
  7. Ymca Play That Funky Music White Boy The Boys Are Back In Town Funk Soul Brother
  8. her dress sort of looks like one of those things old people put over they're toilet roll. if anyone know what im meanng. but if thats what she wants then thats fine by me
  9. my friends mum (whos irish) likes the pogues. iv never heard them
  10. http://www.myspace.com/inhershadow
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