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  1. thanks very much, getting ever closer to my target. 40 more responces needed!
  2. Thanks for filling this in! Anyone else out there want to do this, or does anyone know anyone that would like to? still needing around 50 more responces. Thanks to all that have filled it in already.
  3. Thanks to those that have filled this in. The responces have been great. Any more thoughts on how it was? Would you have added or asked anything else? Anyone else fancy filling this in?
  4. Hello, I am currently carrying out my postgraduate dissertation and I am required to undertake research. The dissertation is a study looking into how people see music services online and their preferences toward the different ones out there. It is hoped that in the long run this will help to add some form of research into the future development of online music services. I was wondering if anyone would like to fill in my questionnaire, you can access it through this link http://www.websurveymaster.com/s/downloadmusicservicessurvey All replies will be treated with strict and total confidentiality. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  5. I have a spare ticket for this if anyone is intrested. Willing to sell for 10.
  6. Does anyone know the start times for friendly fire's and Glasvegas?
  7. As Liam Gallagher once said their just "3 poofs and piano".
  8. i hope they play some of there electronic stuff and not just play the new album along with jailbird, rocks and move on up.
  9. good news, however this gig will be full of neds.
  10. or a neck full of warm piss at t in the park. Anyway on the note of the gig i thought they were fantastic. Good variation of songs, some new, some old. Peter didn't look as if he was of his tits which led to a better performance. In other related news, babyshambles are going into the studio in june to record a new E.P. "back on the net"
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