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  1. Both. Played in an original band for 6 years and really enjoyed it all. The writing, the gigs, the not getting paid, the dickhead soundmen etc etc. All good fun. Rewarding that people came along to hear songs I wrote and enjoyed them. Just joined a cover band and I enjoy playing music I like. It's less serious and they try to make the songs their own.
  2. It's a bit of a nightmare trying to sell stuff just now. I'd love this amp, but I couldn't afford until I sold my Peavey. Good luck
  3. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    Just been checked over by a tech and all is good. £550 bump
  4. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    Will consider offers
  5. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    No thanks mate, appreciate the offer/interest.
  6. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    Used a DSL head in the past and I never really loved it, cheers for the interest though man
  7. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    To the top. Trades for other amps considered
  8. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    On holiday until the 17th, I'll pick up any interest when I get back
  9. Jeid

    Peavey 6505

    Picture of the amp
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