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  1. have sent you folks a message on myspacex
  2. sorry about the delay in replying. My pal in Glesge has decided she wants the ticket so it no longer available...sorry
  3. We normally go to the one in The Prince o Wales, special pint prices too. Monday nights at 9pm. Competition is tough tho..teams made up of lecturers etc
  4. Are tickets for all these events available at 1up. ie gravenhurst. ?
  5. Am so looking forward to this. My ticket arrived today...was begining to worry that it wasnt arriving. I shall be happy if Modest Mouse play some tunes from The moon and antartica!
  6. quite an intellegent take on the new album Id say. My perspective is slightly more positive. Surely a bands signature sound is essential to their identity...and theres certainly a lot of that going on with Interpol. I found Antics to be such a surprise, it really is quite distinct from TOTBL. So as far as the new album goes Im neither blown away nor disapointed. Its slightly watered down in parts I feel. but I think "Pioneer to the Falls" is the exact opposite of anything I would call watered down. It is more "Interpol" than any of their other stuff Iv heard. When I first heard it I thought..."This is really the kind of thing Iv always hoped for from them . as is The Lighthouse. Id give it 4 out of 5.
  7. Yes indeed. Although there are two of us involved with this particular night. A combined effort based around general enthusiasm for certain kinds of music. So will we see you there?
  8. Ooh Very much looking forward to this. If anyone wishes to place requests in advance for the night please let rip on this here thread! lo-fi/Indie/electro sounds to delight and astonish.
  9. yeah! Discovered them a few years back thanks to the central library! Perfect from now on. its excellent. but for some reason the only one i have.
  10. noticed the copy-haho are on the myspace music front page this evening..well done lads!
  11. the kills kings of convenience royal trux
  12. the knife - silent shout and howling bells..
  13. excuse me but...... its not about whos watching the drivel. but rather who is creating it. possibly one of the worst things on telly is hollyoaks...and its all down to one man ---PHIL REDMOND its trash!!!
  14. I just received new moon this morning...free poster with it. im very impressed with DOmino! going nowhere is a beautiful track. theres a new moon myspace www.myspace.com/elliottsmithnewmoon
  15. its amazing...have pre-ordered it from domino ...and hopefully there will be a free poster with it. any tracks that stand out for you so far?. I love fear city,pretty mary K and Big decision. but can never have a favorite elliott smith tune...its all equally flawless!
  16. I purchased this on cover alone.a few years back..but it was also 3....total bonus. love this band
  17. have to agree with you there. It was the first single I ever bought and still have it. shame I have no vinyl player!
  18. 1/ interpol 2/elliott smith 3/sonic youth 4/sebadoh 5/the cure 6/neil young 7/depeche mode 8/the beta band 9/pavement 10/public enemy
  19. nusrat fateh ali khan - night song
  20. icelandic band ensimi.....www.myspace.com/ensimi
  21. dark choc is has health benefits and mint munchies/maya gold bars make it even more beneficial. oh and theres after eights and frys mint cream too.
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