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Guys, am I being weird, or.....


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Guest tv tanned
michela strachan is cool. i fancied her when i was a kid. oh yea.


as for "the hitman and her" that show had such a cool title for the shite that it peddled.

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there are, infact, many reasons why channel 5 is the greatest channel in the world, excluding spanish language channels and the advert channel.

Some of these reasons are:

Steven Seagull flicks

Chuck Norris flicks

bountiful terrible action flicks

Argentinian football.

Argentinian football commentator whose english can't keep up with play. "COUNTERATTACK"

that stupid anagram game.

the guy that presents that stupid anagram game.

the pretty adverts for the shitty action flicks.

the only thing that channel 5 does not have is John Snow and his ties.

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