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JImmy Campbell's Half Baked...


and the equally eerie Nirvana's Local Anaesthetic


I have always preferred photographs to artwork on covers and in the early 70s there seemed to be a real taste for sparse' date=' intriguing images, of which this is a perfect example:


I've never seen the Jimmy Campbell one before.....I've got the Nirvana one, and know it's by 'Keef'...did he do the JC one too? It looks like it might be his or Hipgnosis.

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Hipgnosis were Po & Storm...they did a lot of the Harvest label covers...eg Pink Floyd 'Atom Heart Mother', 'Ummagumma' etc

Incidentally, if you like the photo on the cover of 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' , it was taken by Vic Singh, who apparently only did that one cover until he was tracked down by John Cavanagh (of BBC Scotland....yes, the same guy who read the football scores!), who got him to use the same lens and take the photo for his recent album with Phosphene.

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Fabulous!! I request a 'Thurisaz interprets famous album sleeves' thread!

How about Sgt Pepper? Or the Nirvana baby one?

other people should do some.

this was a thread in another forum. so far, ive only done three, the his hero is gone, slayer and emtallica ones, the others I posted, like electric wizard and leftfield were other people's work from that forum.

lets get it started. in the wwasteland. though sadly, i can do more today, as im going to play a gig in glasgow in about 20 minutes.

I'll try one more.

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