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  1. Chinese from Chopsticks, Great Northern Road. Honey Chilli Chicken and my eating partner had Beef and Black Bean Sauce which i had a lot of. Got it with Special Fried Rice. 8.7/10
  2. the last thing aberdeen needs is more metal bands playing drakes that canna play their fucking instruments!
  3. or, if your into metal you could do the world a favour and never pick up the instrument. fucking bell end.! ! scales 'n' shit.
  4. this was the category i was looking forward to the most. hmm i went for holy folks but ive only really seen them, kitchen cynics and hookers green. but those young rascals smoked
  5. the reason for that is that Mitchell and Webb arent the brains behind Peep Show. Ive always find the stuff they write themselves is nowhere near the genius of Peep Show - although a lot of M&W Situation was hilarious, most of it was steamy shite
  6. the South Park episode featuring Mormons is comedy gold. 'dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb' etc
  7. What yaer was that released ???!?
  8. Hmmm... Anyway, I listened to early Beatles and other poppy 60s sorta stuff in the sun.
  9. I like The Libertines...Great melodies and attitudes and lyrics...decent like man! However, if anyone has ever met hardcore Libbberz going on about Arcadia and The Good Ship Albion, yaddy fucking ya, i congradulate you on not smashing their skulls.
  10. a 10 minute chat on a sofa? worst.reunion.ever
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