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  1. ESP Ltd M-50 (Blue Satin finish) Set up for low tunings (B-A), a few dings on body and neck. Tone/volumes pots are kinda loose but should be easily fixed! £80 BC Rich Bronze series Warlock (signed by Napalm Death) This guitar was signed by the Order of the Leech - era line up of Napalm Death, it was hung up on the wall of Bruce Millers for years. In good condition. Picked it up in the closing auction and was hoping to hold on to it but unfortunately the current money forces me to sell! £110
  2. Still for sale! It is chrome, and you can change the height of the center and side bars. In great condition, a couple of years old. Hasn't been gigged or anything except home practice!
  3. Nah man the gig was quite awhile ago (at least a year), so getting them back isn't likely. Just after some cheap-mid range kinda hi-hats to keep me going!
  4. Looking for some cheap hi-hats cymbals if theres any kicking about! My last set went missing at Tunnels (Zildjian ZXTs), just incase anyones happened across them!
  5. bump final reduction to £100, up on gumtree aswell!
  6. Yeah that would be fine. Where would you be interested in trying out the pedals? Captain toms perhaps?
  7. I'm selling my Axis A-series longboards (double kick) pedals. Good condition in silver finish. Looking for £280. Sale does not include beaters (I have been using iron cobra beaters which work great!) Can be collected from Aberdeen city centre.
  8. Peace drum rack for sale! Similar to the gibraltar racks, front bar/side bars and tube design. Comes with heaps of clamps and a gig bag, never been gigged and in great condition! Looking for £140, or if anyone has a headless hohner/cheaper steinberger they want to swap for the rack + cash!
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