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rock festival

the nobz

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Eric Euan

Red Man Walking



Turning 13


Amy Sawers


Black Atom

Stacatto Set

Kitchen Cynics

If anyone is interested in actually organising an event like this' date=' I would be more than willing to help out.[/quote']

That's a lineup I'd like to see :) Add Hot Mangu and Jo McCafferty and I'd be a happy paying bunny.

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Guest Mr Blastcap

id like to see

hookers green



copy haho


saint maybe

or something like that.

and maybe stayover for the folk that like heavyer stuff.

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Guest lumpo


i'd really like to see blastcap' date=' on a burning cross, being forced to sing all the hits of oasis through a pneumatic mechanism in his mouth, whilst young brats from his street upset him by waving around bottles of alcohol he can't get to.[/quote']

me and blastcap are going to do a pub duo for $$$! we've got : live forever, down all the days (pogues), maggy may, bad moon rising and rachmaninov's viola study in magnolia totally DOWN. suggestions?

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