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  1. It's a pa that's good as a guitar head. For anyone who is interested, Battery Face were featured on Electropapknit Vol. 1 - a compilation of alternative bands from around Scotland which is available as a free download from Electropapknit Records - DIY Label Scotland Music Alternative - PVH - Deathpodal Also on there are Eagleowl, Citizens, Douglas Firs (ex-Hookers Green), Detail (ex-Electric Tibet), Eternal Fags, PVH, Wounded Knee, Noma plus many more. Ch-ch-check it out!
  2. Hi! Electropapknit are releasing a compilation on 09 December 2010. It features some great bands and will be available as a FREE digital download, as well as a limited edition hand screen printed CD arigato pak, designed by Joe Hearty, of Copy Haho. To download a free copy simply visit www.electropapknit.com on the day where there will be direct links for the compilation through mediafire, soundcloud and bandcamp. To celebrate the first Electropapknit compilation we're having a release party on the same day at The Winchester Club in Glasgow, where the limited edition CD will be available, wth live performances, cake, balloons and Teenage Lust DJs! Bands performing on the night will be Galoshins, Battery Face (members of PVH / Deathpodal), Public Spaces and Aberdeen's own Min Diesel. You should come party with us! Or at the very least download the compilation! Bands on the comp include: PVH (Stonehaven's finest!) Eternal Fags Deathpodal Eagleowl Douglas Firs (formerly of Hookers Green Number 1) The Foundling Wheel Jesus H. Foxx Noma (John Cromar - formerly of noise monsters Scrotal Tunic) Wounded Knee Detail (ex-Electric Tibet member Future Galloway) Citizens Vom Battery Face Iliop Conquering Animal Sound Public Spaces For more information go to Electropapknit Records - DIY Label Scotland Music Alternative - PVH - Deathpodal
  3. Alan I'd still love to have some of your stuff, and I could now give you a Deathpodal CD in return?
  4. we wouldn't cost 100! I'm trying to set something up with Min Diesel. I'm not familiar with the user name want to ping me with who you are? We could get some plans laid. I have promised one of the Sidca dudes I'd try and get him on a line up if possible as well.
  5. I used to do a radio show in Edinburgh and it was playing them (Solar Flare) that got me thrown off. Terraformer is a cracker as well.
  6. Soda Jerk, Teabags (you hunk) appreciate your help dudes
  7. Cheers Sam, nice one. Didn't you release a compilation a little while ago with PVH on it?
  8. This show was ace in Glasgow as well. I'm not big on Stig... but Barberos fucking rule. Don't lose the faith Dave, although Aberdeen does drain all life from you at times....
  9. Anybody know of any? I'm trying to arrange a tour for later this year. I know of Leedsmusicscene.net and Alt Nation. Suggestions would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm looking to get a ring modulator to use with my guitar and synth. I have a pretty good idea of which ones I fancy - namely the EHX Frequency Analyzer, Moogerfooger or Frostwave Blue Ringer all sound ace, but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations which I may not have considered already. Thanks for your time,
  11. Thanks bro, keep me in mind. Really appreciate your advice.
  12. Cool, I'll check out those links. From my research so far I found a number of poly synths from the 80s to be well reviewed (Roland Juno 106 and 60, Korg DW-8000) and which are around 200 today - I know what you mean about the number of damaged ones out there. So you'd totally recommend the Roland JP-8000? I just read some reviews, going to check YouTube demos now. Funny thing you mention SOund On Sound though, you get better second hand ad options on there than you do on ebay! Well, if I went with my original plan when starting this thread, a budget around 300. Yeah the more I research the MicroKorg the more I'm being put off it. I saw a Minimoog Voyager being used by a band a couple of weeks ago. Truly outstanding, really fat notes, just what I want, but of course that, and the Phatty you recommend are above my budget (checked for the Phatty on GAK - near 800 bucks). In the end what I'm trying to achieve is a fat synth sound like Health but enough to it I can make something strange like Locust. Trouble is, for someone new to this, like myself, there's so much to choose from!!!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a synth to start up a new project. One option is to buy a cheap but decent 80s poly synth which I can put through a ring modulator and distortion pedal. The other is go for something like the MicroKorg, although I prefer the first idea. Feesibility depending. Does anyone have anything for sale out there? Thanks
  14. Bri, there's tonnes of decent bands down here. I don't know about any of this metal stuff you selected. Sectre Rouge are amazing. Mathy / Scream. Tabasco Fiasco are fat as fuck as well. Also Waz's other band Super Adventure Club are unbelieveably tight and receiving good attention as well.
  15. It would be amazing if you got his project with Kaada. That would be fucking interesting. I'm guess you're looking into just before December? Whoever said Fantomas were crap should repent with a whip. Like ya, like total lol. I've bought tickets to the ATP with Fantomas and the Melvins. Patton has already selected Zu and Locust. Supreme.
  16. Always mic guitars. I may be stating the obvious to you, but use two mics, preferably one condenser (or whatever is IN your budget) and one dynamic. About the USB thang, Stripey has it in one, and as he said you can maybe get free software with it, like Cubase LE.
  17. There were club nights? I thought those were sessions where the attendees was violated up the ass and forced to run what was known as the "gauntlet". My mistake.
  18. My favourite memory was beng banned from there when playing in a "New York sounding" band. That place was bad, and it wasn't helped by the promoter.
  19. Jesus, I remember this as well. I got the band to shake their heads while holding up their favourite vinyls (due to the massive boxes full in the Drummonds kitchen) when taking their picture. Happy
  20. I'd be interested in the Matamp as well. How much how much?
  21. Try: This Is Music Is This Music Fast I Fly Spitfires The Scottish Hobo Society Welto Club Rubix Ampbox Nearly all of these you'll find on Myspace if you search or go through google. Getting in contact with Henry's Cellar Bar direct might generate something too.
  22. I don't listen to "PVH" anymore since their songs condone questionable sexual practices. It's a disgrace that bands in this current climate can get away with such things, without being noticed.
  23. Cheers for the support guys! I'll be giving everyone who has got in touch a listen once I'm back in Edinburgh. Hope to hear from you all Sunday! X
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