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Who should you vote for....website thingy..


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To be honest, this thing don't seem very accurate. there was a thread like this on Elizium.net, and everyone got Lib Dems or Green- even if you were strongly against some of their key points. I think it is just to encourage people to not vote either Labour or Tory.

But that isn't neccessarily a bad thing!

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Guest tv tanned

I can see that site doesn't really cater for my voting needs anyway.

I worry that some people are so void of beliefs that they would need a website to tell them how to vote. (This is not aimed at anyone in particular, so dinnae start)

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did anyone see alex salmond on that scottish 500 program or whatever it's called last night? i forgot how much of a personable bloke he was, it's amazing the party kept john whiney so long. i don't know if i'd vote for SNP though. all i know is that i'm not voting conservative or labour (i voted labour last time). probably going to be lib dems i think, though they sent round a really stupid questionnaire with no-brainer questions like "do you like bad stuff?" and "would you like to eradicate poverty?" and "even now, you wouldn't let matthew kelly babysit your kids, would you?".

had fun with that voter website though, it was dead easy to make the outcome 'conservative' - all you had to do was think like an arrogant xenophobic greedy fuckhead for about 1-2 minutes, and you were tory tastic!

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Lib Dems!?!? Bollocks' date=' where's the nationalism questions? Methinks this is made for English people for whom nationalism really isn't an electoral issue[/quote']

Why don't you cover Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland...?

While we would have liked to offer a regional breakdown to include the options such as the SNP where appropriate we have been unable to get this together in the time. We are working on an updated version of the site that we hope to launch before the election to to allow for a regional selection, in the meantime the site will focus on the five stated parties.


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Liberal Democrats. But I (and most of you probably) knew that already.

I was going to vote for them anyway. I'm not scared shitless of the possibility of higher taxation. At least the Lib Dems have the guts to admit we may pay more.

channel4 news just told me that i'd probably pay half as much council tax with lib dems as i would with labour or tories, if local income tax was in place. which would be nice. i see no problems in the rich getting taxed more, at the end of the day, they still have MORE fucking money than just about everyone else, so what the fuck do they moan for. maybe i'm being naive, but lib dem tax policies seem like some sort of attempt to narrow the gap between rich and poor, which seems a great idea to me. if all these richo's didn't have 200 quid a month car loans and 600 quid a month mortgages then they wouldn't moan about paying an extra grand a year in council tax.

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I got Liberal Democrats, as did all the other 'lilly-livered' Liberals.

I doubt I'll be voting for them though, their Tax are great but the rest is mad.

Ban smoking in public places but relax laws on Cannabis? It'll get to the point where you can go to the pub and light a joint but not a fag.

Plus their crime policies are pretty much non-existent and they wanted to lower the drinking age to 16, all great ideas if you wanted to live in a Marquis de Sade style island of vice. If you're more into living in a functioning country then it's a bit of a balls up.

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