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  1. no worries. i'm actually based in Perth Western Australia these days. If your bass player makes it this far he can kip at ours a couple of nights or meet up to catch some bands, etc!
  2. i never log on to this site anymore, as for the past few years i've been living pretty far from aberdeen. somehow i got redirected back to this thread though and listened to your new ep/single thing. it's awesome! i wish you guys were from aberdeen so that i could say you were the best band to come out of aberdeen in the last 10 years. nevermind though. oh well. any chance of a copy of "death by cricket bat"? i can't even remember how it goes, just remembering that it was amazing. why didn't i download it?
  3. i still have this unit for sale and it will be available for sale when i am back in the UK from 29th august thru 19th september. send a pm with a serious offer before 23rd august, otherwise it is going to Australia in a crate instead!
  4. TOPPER, Topper. ace news. would be awesome to see you guys when we are back in september!! or even do a gig together!
  5. I would recommend Everest too. If you know exactly what you are looking for and you can get it a lot cheaper with delivery online, then go for that. However, sometimes having something local to take something back to is a real plus. When I left Aberdeen I redirected all my parents computing needs to Everest and they've had great customer service from them. Not just on purchase but on after sales support.
  6. loads on ebay: Alesis DM5 18 Bit Rackmount Drum Module on eBay, also, Synthesisers Sound Modules, Pro Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments (end time 20-Jun-09 22:36:31 BST) failing that my friend in Aberdeen has one he might want to sell.
  7. lots of woods round the back of storybook glen in maryculter which is pretty close to peterculter. best way is to drive all the way up into maryculter until the road ends (turns into forestry track). think they've harvested a lot of the trees now though. and another place is 56.978113, -3.625778 on google maps, it's like 4 miles past linn of dee car park. just after the track crosses the river (track will be on the left hand side of the river now) there is a natural camping spot by the river. a rock formation acts as a natural barrier from the wind, and also contains natural fireplaces in the rock. there is a deep pool to swim and jump in from the rocks (climb the otherside for a 5-6m drop) but also a big sand bank to laze about in.
  8. i don't think it is about to terrain to be honest. in vancouver it is basically a series of big bastard hills yet loads of people cycle and commute everyday. i also used to live in stockbridge in edinburgh and used to commute to heriot-watt every day (well... make that every day i attended...) which meant climbing that big bastard hill up to george st/princes st. like i said, people get used to the hills. i think like nefarious c said it is drivers attitudes that put people off. i cycle everywhere in vancouver not because the drivers are good but because they have a basic level of respect for cyclists and acknowledge their equal right to be on the road. i don't think i'd feel the same in Aberdeen. people can definitely change driver attitudes though. if you want to change the way motorists act and behave in the city then consider starting a critical mass event in Aberdeen! it's ace fun. i took part in it yesterday. it's a crazy feeling to cycle as a band of 1000 cyclists or so!
  9. No way, totally taken aback by these guys - what a great idea! thanks for letting me know!
  10. you'd be surprised how quickly you get used to cycling hills, if you have a suitable bike. mine is a commuter bike so thin tyres and a bit of a hard ride but very fast and easy on the roads. biggest problem for me is definitely traffic. i cycle 10km each day up and down something like anderson drive (6 lanes and no divider) and some drivers are good but some are shocking. a few times i've almost been clipped by wing mirrors, and many times a car will overtake only to slow down and pull right in front of me. i think to be a safe cyclist though you have to be assertive and demonstrate your legal right to usage of the road. i have kicked loads of cars, not for the purpose of being aggressive but to alert the driver that i was there - hopefully next time they will learn to be more aware of other road users. i also wear bike lights whenever the lighting is anything other than very bright. if it is raining i always have my lights on. visibility helps. the number of people talking on mobiles whilst driving here is shocking too and is usually what causes me most problems. we are luckier in canada because pedestrian has right of way, the motor vehicle has least rights of all on the road. am moving to oz later this year though and situation will be more like the uk, i.e. cyclists beware! in vancouver on the last friday of each month they have an event called 'critical mass' where thousands of cyclists take to the roads of the city and take over. talk about cycle pride! wish more places were as cycle friendly.
  11. Is it possible to rent a bike these days in Aberdeen? Does anyone here cycle to work? Where I live cycling is a big thing and people commute a lot by bicycle, even in winter when it is wet and cold. What do you think holds you back from commuting by bicycle, if you are a bus or car user?
  12. a gene cleaner that retrofits people with adequate spelling abilities. and a teleport
  13. liked the tunes, recordings are great too. [shameless request] any chance of a copy of death by cricket bat? [/shameless request]
  14. it's 3 hours drive from vancouver to seattle and often you have to queue to get over the border too, so i'm not sure i'd recommend that. it takes even longer in a bus. it is about 8 hours drive from vancouver to portland altogether. flying to seattle is probably the best if you are not flying direct, or possibly going to LA or san francisco and then onto portland. i think portland is about 5 hours drive from seattle or just a short flight. lots of buses and i think even trains too go as well.
  15. chromophobia - gui boratto although if you are listening to ricardo villalobos you may already have this one
  16. heh, that's funny. if there were a moorings bar in vancouver i would drink there, if only for the addlestones knock you on your arse cider!
  17. 1st ave at woodland vancouver bc - Google Maps this is the precise location. to the right just 2 blocks is commercial drive, a major hub of booze food and other fun activities i think he was wearing a lumberjack shirt. but he's ok.
  18. actually i was cycling. i was quite startled to see pete and decided to follow him all of 3 yards and say excuse me, aren't you pete? why are you here! i didn't realise he'd moved to canada.
  19. I bumped into Pete on the street today (almost literally!) - however he did not look as cool as he does here!!
  20. Clavia Nord Lead (rack mount) on eBay, also, Synthesisers Sound Modules, Pro Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments (end time 13-Oct-08 20:29:35 BST)
  21. I saw Mogwai for the first time in Vancouver last week, and they were reeeeally good. Played Like Herod in the encore and it was soooooooo heavy!
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