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  1. We should hopefully have an answer with regards to downloads at the start of next week. I'll post something up here and the myspace page when we do! Robert Smith wasn't in mind when we came up with the name, although you would be forgiven for thinking so. The Cure is a great band regardless. Cheers for all the postive feedback peeps! Really glad it's floating your metaphorical boats.
  2. My friends and I are gutted we can't make the gig on the 7th. Could someone please film some of it and upload their footage on youtube? The city of Dundee will be eternally grateful.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for some contacts for good guitar teachers based in Aberdeen. Recommendations are appreciated, thanks.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I guess this band is just an excuse to excercise our love for 70's prog and 80's metal while hopefully putting a bit of a 'modern' spin on it. We did 6 tunes in total and I think the plan is to release a mini album/EP sometime soon. Cheers again for checking us out.
  5. Yo. Thews is dudes from Laeto, Avast! and Fat Goth. Hope you enjoy: Thews on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  6. I saw AGCG in Dundee the other night and thought they were brilliant (it was their 2nd gig too!!!).
  7. Not at all, it's totally a matter of taste and I should of really said that in my previous post. I still think Stingrays are awesome but I realise now that they don't really provide me with the sound I prefer. The band in question did more angular punk stuff than metal and it was just a three piece. At the time I was trying to get an aggressive, biting tone but coupled with quite a bit of sub, which didn't really work with the bands overall sound. Stingrays really excell in providing killer bottom end I think they work best in bands with two guitars. I know what my gear is capable of and it always left me totally confused and very fustrated that I had so many problems with the Stingray. Like I said, I think the balancing of three seperate EQ's was the main reason things went weird and that simplifying in that respect was the way forward. In the end I ended up just using the jazz through the same setup with a lot of mid and treble and very little bass, topped off with a fair bit of gain and going for a David Simms/Bob Weston sound, which in my opinion are great examples of super-aggressive, punch in neck bass tone.
  8. I used to play a Stingray for about 6 to 8 months in my old band and despite the fact they are superb in terms of playability, I found it extremely difficult to maintain a consistent sound. Obviously the acoustics of any room you happen to be playing is a huge variable in this respect but I had have to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to dial in a decent setting everytime I used the Stingray at practise or at a gig. One of the main problems I found was some of the lower register notes didn't resinate as much as the rest and no amount of tampering with EQ on both my amp and the instrument itself seemed to help. I had mine set up for heavy guage strings as I played in C#, G#, C#, F#. I played with a pick and went through a Boss ODB 3 into the dedicated active instument input on my Mesa 400+ head, which powered an Ampeg 8x10. I concluded that the seperate EQ's on the head, pedal and instrument collectively over-complicated everything and was probably the main reason for the lack of consistency in sound. Not only that but I don't really think Stingrays are really made for the style of music I play and are probably more suited to those who play with their fingers (ie. funk, jazz, etc). I would also add that due to their active circuitry they would probably be more at home with a solidstate amplifier instead of something with valves. I ended up selling it and bought a Fender USA jazz bass, which has yet to disappoint. A good example of the differences between the two is Joe from Fugazi. He used a Stingray for most of their earlier albums but then changed to a jazz from Red Medicine onwards, which I believe is a far superior instrument in serving their sound. My two cents.
  9. I suppose I'm a little bias because I'm friends with the guys in Spyamp but I have to say they're a superb band and well worth checking out! Anyone who likes Fugazi, Bluetip, Faraquet or any other Dischord-esk music will definitely enjoy Spyamp and they never disappoint live. They should have copies of their new 2nd album, Settlement for sale by the time these shows come round along with their excellent debut, GTi.
  10. I'm not sure if anyone here likes them but they're definitely one of my favourite bands and I thought it would be worthwhile putting a link up to the video of their new tune, Ecuador. The track is taken from their currently untitled 3rd album, which should hopefully be with us in the not too distant future. I've previously had a listen to some of the rough mixes and anyone who likes AC/DC, Van Halen, King Crimson and mid-period ...Trail Of Dead should find something to get excited about. Anyway, have a listen/view and see what you think:
  11. Fat Goth on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Some new ones for ya'll.
  12. The Rusty Box - Awesomeness in a little metal box: TRONOGRAPHIC
  13. Word. After spending another day in Chime Studios, we have two new offerings for your consideration: 'The Twinkle In The Eye Of Geppetto' and 'Dual Carriageway To Brechin'. You are invited - Fat Goth on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  14. Many thanks everyone! This is proving to be most helpful.
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