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  1. For the latter part I agree.
  2. Do you guys just like seeing something mediocre and not really funny never end or something?
  3. Yeah, I think it was about Bitches and Money or some shit. Bensons a sound guy like, But fuck that had Deyzer and I in stitches. Also If you're interested you can find the band @ https://www.facebook.com/splinteredhalo/ (I only joined January last year, there are videos on youtube of live gigs etc. the album was recorded before I joined) For my progress you can see my stupid face on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/testsubjectqwtd/
  4. I continue to the capacity that I am in a band in Glasgow, we currently gig all over the UK, I have been working on my own stuff and getting noticed etc. Been getting shares on bigger pages on Facebook, getting a network around the entire of the UK and Abroad, while putting every spare hour of my time into Guitar & Piano. I was trying to find Bensons Hip Hop /Rap song for you guys to have a listen, It had a vevo and everything. But I couldn't find it. Also I would post What I'm doing to the site, but unfortunately I don't think you guys would appreciate it. Also It's not Aberdeen based, so aye.
  5. Bet you guys never thought you would see me again. (Or wished. either way.) No one was called "Hedges" which was unfortunate at best. I'm the only member who still pursues music (As far as I know, maybe Stefan & Benson are still about). to put things straight for all the members who thought the thread was cruel, Don't, It gave me the kick up the ass I needed. For all of you who found and still find it funny, go ahead, Everyone is stupid when they are 15. (Fuck I chuckle at the myspace & thread every now and then). I will say I was genuinely that stupid as to not understand the sarcasm that was blatantly happening in that thread. Anyway I just popped in to say I hope you're all doing well for yourselves and thank you. I probably wouldn't work as hard as I do now if it weren't for you lot taking the piss. ~Have fun, Steve.
  6. Just coming into see If anyone likes This sorta thing: https://soundcloud.com/steven1024/battle-theme-final-fantasy-x
  7. So, I'm guessing enough time hasn't passed...I'm still a clown on this site....
  8. Was getting my jumper untucked from the guitar.....it was annoying me....
  9. What Genre? And yes, i know, Brilliant aren't they....
  10. Would like feedback on these videos, mostly if i've gotten better since last you saw me and if anyone is interested in forming a band... Here's some links! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2TAVCgLLSI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vJhwMjC9hQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZg3BHt_Y1g
  11. Blank n white on my comp when i load up the home page from google...but for forum index its ok :s
  12. God, Alice in chains is so good, just got my AiC songs back..... But yeah, Staley was better than Amy. I don't think many artists really beat his voice.....
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