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  1. This is really just to gauge interest. I have two Tama Superstar Custom kits that could possibly be for sale. The finish is Titanium Fade. The details of the two kits are below. I don't know the tom depths off the top of my head. Note this is not the newer Hyperdrive model. The kits are in pretty good condition. There are some minor cosmetic marks on the toms and kicks, along with the usual marks on the kick drum hoops associated with the pedal clamping on. I have tried hard to take good care of them in the time I've had them and the reason I'm possibly looking to sell is that I'd like to have smaller and shallower toms. I got offered £350 for each kit by a well-known shop in England, so I'm basically testing the water to see if anyone on here is interested. Kit 1 Kick: 22"x18" (drilled) Tom 1: 10" Tom 2: 12" Tom 3: 14" Kit 2 Kick 22"x18" (drilled) Tom 1: 12" Tom 2: 13" Tom 3: 16" I have a Tama Superstar snare (14" x 5.5") that came with the kit and I also have a Mapex Black Panther Deep Forest snare (Walnut shell). Buyer's preference. Any questions, let me know!
  2. Hi Scotty, Yea I like Toms, the kits are good there. You normally get a nice Tama or Yamaha or something along those lines. To be honest, when I've been to MV in the past the kits have been awful. Generally I don't care how it sounds, but when none of the hardware works, the floor tom collapses and the heads look like a lunar landscape, it's not ideal. Frankly I can't believe they actually charge people money to use them. The problem I was trying (and potentially failing) to describe, was just the time it takes to set up cymbal stands, cymbals, kick pedals, laptop etc. Since the stuff I'm writing for the album is quite demanding for me, it takes a while to actually get warmed up and by the time you factor in set up and pack up time (that takes approximately one hour in total), it's really not effective to at a place like Toms. Which is unfortunate cos they're a decent bunch of guys, their place is cool and they do 3 hours for 2 at certain times. Unfortunately there's not enough space in my room to swing a cat, never mind have an electronic/mesh head kit I did once try the mesh head/DIY E-drum thing and it worked quite well with the exception of the kick drum mesh head breaking after about 1 day due to the practice being pretty double kick heavy!
  3. Being a drummer with no space in the house for a kit (and one particular a$$hole neighbour!), I'm finding it hard to get some decent practice in. Captain Tom's is great, but by the time I've got my gear set up and got warmed up, it's time to pack up and leave. It doesn't result in effective practice given I need to record an album soon. Some other people must have had this problem... Any solutions (other than "book a longer practice")? For example does anyone know of lockup type places? I remember being at a place at Shore Porters about 10 years ago, but I emailed them and they said they no longer offer spaces like that.
  4. That's horrible news. Dave was my first drum teacher from age 11 til about 16.
  5. Less than 2 weeks until Far Beyond The Stars is released in Japan

  6. I've got a Digitech Death Metal guitar pedal for sale because I haven't used it for a while. Comes in original box. Sells for £40 online Selling mine for £25 I also have an Alesis DM5 drum module for sale. It has its original power supply and instruction manual. It has 12 inputs, MIDI functions and great built in, customisable sounds. Perfect for someone who is looking to expand their set up. They cost about £180 new, so I'm selling mine for £100. I also have a couple of Yamaha drum and cymbal pads for sale TP65 and PCY65.
  7. Ascension shot the music video for Somewhere Back In Time in Sheffield in an abandoned factory. The video will be featured on the debut album Far Beyond The Stars, which is being released through Spiritual Beast Records with distribution in Japan through Universal Music. European, North American and UK dates TBC. Let us know what you think of our first video!
  8. dick

    Alesis DM5 Module

    I'm selling my Alesis DM5 drum module because I haven't found use for it in a while. It works perfectly, has some pretty good sounds built in. It has 12 inputs, which is more than other modules that usually only have 8 which is pretty useless unless you have a basic set up. The additional inputs allow you to expand your kit if you want to. Comes with original power supply. One of the rack mounting parts has cracked, but it's only one out of four and it still can be mounted solidly in a rack. £110
  9. Here's another review of the album. Score 9/10 http://sinisterresistance.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/sinister-reviews-ascension-far-beyond-the-stars/
  10. Here's the first ever review of the new album, featured on planetmosh.com. The album scored 9/10. They had the following to say about it: "one of the finest power metal albums of the past ten years" "absolutely mind blowing" "one of the world's best metal bands" Read the full review here: http://www.planetmosh.com/ascension-far-beyond-the-stars-cd-review Also, here's the artwork for the debut album!
  11. Actually, Nick joined almost three years ago
  12. We are VERY pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Japanese record label Spiritual Beast. The debut album, Far Beyond The Stars, will be released worldwide through Spiritual Beast and distributed in Japan via Universal Music. The album will be released in Japan on March 21st and will feature an exclusive Japanese bonus track. European and North American release dates are soon to follow. Far Beyond The Stars was recorded with Grammy nominated producer Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden. The Instrumental track, 'Orb Of The Moons' also includes a guest keyboard solo from DRAGONLAND's Elias Holmlid. The album tracklist is as follows: 'Somewhere Back In Time' 'Blackthorne' 'Reflected Life' 'Heavenly' 'Moongate' 'Orb Of The Moons' 'Silver Tide' 'Time Machine' 'Far Beyond The Stars' 'The Avatar (Ascension)' 'Time For War' (Japanese bonus) The CD will also be enhanced to include the music video for 'Somewhere Back In Time'. We are extremely pleased with this fantastic partnership to say the least. Now we can move forward with the release of the album, and bring Ascension to the forefront of the worldwide metal scene at full force.” We are also happy to announce that the brand new OFFICIAL Ascension website is now live! You can find all the latest updates in our new home at: www.ascensionband.co.uk http://www.bravewords.com/news/177626
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