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nicknames at school?


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Guest *alex*

Eugh, i've had HEAPS over the years...It's not cool how many names can be taken from Alexandra...





eugh. fuck off. I think i'll just stick to Alex thanks.

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Meh, never really had any long term ones...

Hrm... when my brother was younger he has a speach impedement and used to call me Tun for some reason, which is still used from time to time by cousins etc...

Back when I was in the ATC I became known as Private Joker (from Full Metal Jacket) as apparently I look like him with a shaved head...

Mr. Tristen is the only one used the last few years... not entirely sure where it came from, but I think it has something to do with my love of formality and titles...

Apart from that the closest people come is just a shortening of Tristen to Tris which has always happened, and of course the odd pet name that only one person uses etc etc...

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Guest haigyman

cal, haig, and about 50 based around my height which aren't even worth mentioning really (LOOK, for "mini me" to work, you have to look like a larger version of me you fuckin' tube)

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God I hated my school nickname.

Since I was always about a foot shorter than everyone else in the class I used to get called Squeak. Cos I was small, like a mouse you see. I was fucking glad when that got old, though it took four years. I wouldn't have minded so much but the guy who came up with it was actually smaller than me. Still, he died of a smack overdose so I feel some kind of justice was served.


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