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  1. Christ i actually havn'e posted on here in years,literally I discovered yesturday that work doesn't block this site8-) Soo... Has anyone hard the new prodigy album? Is it any good or just a band trying to recapture former glory? cheers camerooon
  2. Hey i went, not on the one-up bus however, mine left from good ol banff. I thought download was awesome, highlights included avenged sevenfold,deftones and tool. I though guns n'roses were brillant too and i really cannot understand the shitty reviews and comments iv heard about their performance. What i saw was the most excited crowd for the entire weekend with axel and co really giving a good show, fair enough there was that odd break inbetween songs but when they played they played well.
  3. I dont understand why your being so fussy, it wasnt a competition game was it? You lost, he assumed the ball was going in the same way you did.
  4. That made me laugh, i love the way the guy says "i feel self-conscious" of his bicep scar.
  5. I feel for ya, i got mine just before they sold out. I would try ebay, good luck!!
  6. off topic but The arcade fire are the biggest pile o shite i have ever heard. That guy cannot sing
  7. Limp bizkit- the unspeakable truth volume 1( rather good, sound like RATM which is no bad thing) My Chemical Romance- three cheers for sweet revenge( fucking ace to say the least) This is menace- No end in sight( quite a good album, although the first half of the album is drastically better than the second half) From first till last- Dear diary, my teenage angst has a body count- Very emo, but okay considering i bought the album on the basis of hearing "ride the wings of pestaliance"
  8. Just downloaded the nu ffaf single and i most say very very impressive. Anyone else heard it? Comments?
  9. It sucks like. I did hear about the hmv stores but they are only availiable in england. And you can't order them via the phone which is a bit unfair.
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