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Special Aberdeen Music edition of Come Dine With Me

Graham Knight

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The following invitation from ITV seems like an opportunity for a Special - Aberdeen Music Only - edition of Come Dine With Me.

Which four members would you nominate to provide and interesting programme?

I'd like to see a programme with Lucky Rathen, Teabags, Adam Easy Wishes and Dubya.

Lucky "Escoffier" Rathen previously posted good examples of his culinary skills.

Teabags would add some interesting ingedients.

Adam would be able to endlessy mention and promote The Deportees // Tuff Wax Records

Dubya would add a touch of danger and be ready with his life saving skills in case Lucky set the place on fire doing his Crepe Suzettes speciality with the flaming brandy.

A Come Dine With Me with an all Aberdeen Music cast would be a lively affair that could only enhance the reputation of Aberdeen Music.

Perhaps Aberdeen Music members would like to nominate four different participants. Would would you pick?


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Chris Officer would be the host, because frankly, his food blog looks tasty. He would probably serve up hearty Scottish fare, I'd expect some kind of locally caught salmon or something, with locally grown potatoes and locally grown veg. Probably a soup starter. With locally grown vegetables. Then a clootie dumping as dessert, with a Drambuie sauce, and then a locally made whisky to finish off. The three guests would be Slutbags McGee, who would spend the night talking about Tom Hardy and various other UFC musclemen, and complain about shit; The Ghost Of Fudge who would piss everyone off by chain smoking Malboro Reds at the table, then dart for the stereo as soon as the meal was finished and play DJ; and JakeBassist, who would get horrendously drunk on Chris' whisky, repeatedly get caught staring at Slutbags' tits, then flounce off and sob to himself in the corner while rocking back and forth.

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