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  1. I went in today as I had a voucher left to use from Christmas (which OneUp were still accepting, rad dudes till the end). I've never seen it so busy, you couldn't walk through without having to ask past people. Weird and upsetting, really. It was a bit like seeing your friends dead carcass being savaged. I kind of wish I'd never gone. Anyway, I wanted Yo La Tengo's new album, but OneUp have stopped restocking releases so there was none left. I was a bit bummed that there'd be nowhere to get new releases now, so I went off to HMV, not expecting them to be restocking for new releases. They had about 7 copies and it was only £10. Then the pretty girl at the checkout talked to me about Yo La Tengo. I haven't shopped in HMV for years, but really hope they stay now, the people that work there are a great bunch of lads.
  2. Ha! Don't really get this whole 'closed for business' thing. Aberdeen was last year named the best place in the UK for business startups, we have the lowest unemployment in Scotland, we have an engineering skills base that not many other cities could match (which is a big reason for business coming... not vanity parks), companies are coming to new business parks and companies based here for many years are putting in infrastructure for new worldwide offices here. Sounds like we are definitely closed for business! The council acted on good financial grounds with their decisions to reject, which sounds more to me like a council intent on business by balancing the books. I hope the council move forward from this and invest money in what really matters for our businesses. Transport links, a bridge across the river, housing for more workers that come to the city. A concrete park was never going to save our city for future investment and it is ludicrous to think Aberdeen's future depended on it. If Ian Wood is really that intent on making a legacy in the city and ensuring future investment, how about he really puts himself out there and invests in Aberdeen to have a state of the art Renewable Energy research facility. This sort of bold move would make Aberdeen the center of research in that field, and as a result of that sort of thing businesses related would start seeing Aberdeen as the number 1 destination to invest in the future. This is the sort of thing we need to ensure our future economy. Or if he really is that intent on investing his money in parks, quite an aside to a city's future economy, he should put his money towards the upkeep and upgrade of the Piper Alpha memorial. He owes it to the men and women in the city who lost their lives in the business he made his fortune in. I am sure the city would very much appreciate this gesture.
  3. Must be awful being a Councillor. Had the council gone ahead with it and it ended up going hugely over budget (which given evidence was very likely) people would have been angry at the council. As it happens the council avoided this happening and people are angry at the council. Damn if you do, damned if you don't.
  4. I only just saw it today on there, but it seems to be real. Apparently reps have confirmed it, and there is a copy of the specs on there too.
  5. Any one of these! I don't know if i want a Jazz, Jag, Mustang or a Telecaster Deluxe. Apparently the Squire Telecaster deluxe will have the Fender WRHB, pretty amazing for a Squier. I think i want a white Tele deluxe.
  6. This is pretty much my experience of Jake at parties, good summary.
  7. Yeh, definitely Sonic Youth, Pavement and Yo La Tengo. Tend to do this with Weezer, Nirvana and Broken Social Scene aswell. Wilco would be another for me, although it usually ends in me just listening to Kicking Television on repeat. Definitely going to go listen to Wilco now.
  8. I fear i have forgotten some, but these are the standouts! 1. Sufjan Stevens - The Sage Gateshead Possibly one of the best gigs i have ever ever been to. It was seriously amazing, the combination of the music, lights, dancing and crazy shit was unreal. He played a lot of The Age Of Adz which sounded incredible live, probably helped by the fact it was my favourite record of last year. Impossible Soul was off the scale live, 25 minutes of incredibleness, and then finishing on Chicago! The venue was perfect too, absolutely nobody talking, everyone in awe. Sufjan hardly ever plays in the UK but you should jump at the chance to go when he does, no better complete show atm imo. 2. The National - Edinburgh Corn Exchange/Boston, Bank Of America Pavilion (w/ Yo La Tengo) Can't decide which gig was better, saw them twice on the same tour. Boston was obviously amazing as Yo La Tengo were supporting, it was a fantastic support set which ended in I Heard You Looking, which was amazing live. The National's setlists at both gigs were far better than i expected. The played an amazing mix of all the albums, mainly High Violet obviously but it all sounds great live, it was nice to hear a lot from Alligator and Sad Songs. Boston ended in Ira from YLT playing guitar on Terrible Love, which was really cool and Matt did his usual walking round the crowd and ended up next to our seat. I can never stop watching The National's drummer live, he is incredible to watch. 3. Wild Beasts - The Lemon Tree Really really incredible live band, i think this was the third time i have seen them and definitely the best. They seem to have got better and better live with each album. They played mainly Smother which just sounded so so good live, definitely the best live band in Britain atm. It was nice to see Katie Harkin with them aswell, definite dream woman. I actually wrote about the gig here: http://www.herculesmoments.co.uk/2011/11/wild-beasts-live-lemon-tree-aberdeen.html 4. Les Savy Fav - The Tunnels So much fun! Great setlist too. Obvious highlights were all to do with Tim, he stroked my head, then again he did this to pretty much everyone else. Let's Get Out Of Here Now was particularly great. Yeh, probably the best gig i had been to in Aberdeen for ages. I also wrote about it: http://www.herculesmoments.co.uk/2011/03/les-savy-fav-live-tunnels-01032011.html 5. Joan Of Arc - The Tunnels JOA were loads better than i remember them being last time, yeh they were good last time but they really dragged on towards the end. This time they were great and i was really into Life Like at the time, so it was great to hear most of the songs live. I'd actually missed out on seeing Hot Club every time they have been to Aberdeen for one reason or another so it was great to finally see them. They played mainly newer stuff though which i didn't really recognise as i had been more into Drop It 'Til It Pops and Live At Dead Lake, but they still sounded great and the banter of course was a bonus. Shame about Seas, Starry but i have seen them lots this year and they have been nothing short of fantastic every time.
  9. Here is my top 10: http://www.herculesmoments.co.uk/2011/12/2011-in-lists-russ.html Or for those too lazy to click on the link: 1. The Antlers - Burst Apart 2. Wild Beasts - Smother 3. Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness 4. Bright Eyes - The People's Key 5. Wilco - The Whole Love 6. I Break Horses - Hearts 7. Real Estate - Days 8. Washed Out - Within And Without 9. Walls - Coracle 10. J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why
  10. Would it be possible to know the set times? I am working 'til late so would be useful to know if i could head down after to catch any of the bands.
  11. It's pretty obvious what happened to it. They stole it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4Ge5s5-6SQ
  12. Fair enough, i could be wrong, but i was under the impression a lot of the folks on here were interested in this.
  13. Surprised nobody has posted this yet: Industrial Auctioneers & Valuers Friday at 11am surely isn't the best time to do this? Seeing as most prospective buyers will be in work. I guess you can still get in phone bids.
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