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Replacing words from popular movie titles with the word BOABIE.


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Continued from Teabags' sterling contribution to the funny pictures thread.

I'll open it up with:

Three Men and a Boabie.

The Incredible Boabie.

The Boabie Menace.

Terminator 2: Judgement Boabie.

Little Boabies.

Never Let Boabie Go.

So I Married a Boabie Murderer.



EDIT: Boabie and Clyde.

Rebel Without a Boabie.

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Edward Scissorboabies

Slumboabie Millionaire

Cool Hand Boabie

The Mancurian Boabie

How to Train your Boabie

Dr Strangeboabie: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the boabie

Cinema Paraboabie

The Maltese Boabie

The King's Boabie


The Big Leboabski

Pirates of the Cariboabie: The curse of the black boabie

Boabie and the Beast


The Crhonicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Boabie

Sex, Boabies and videotapes

Talladega Nights: The boabie of ricky boabie

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Boabie

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Boabiehands would have been better. The actual film, having boabies for hands.

Not sure how he would have cut the hedges or pierced the waterbed though. Might need a complete script rejig.

I thought i'd do the old switcheroo because of the famous porn film 'Edward Penishands'

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Honey, I Boabied the Kids

The Reluctant Boabie

Stand By Boabie

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merry Boabie

Robin Hood: Men in Boabies

20,000 Boabies Under The Sea

The Boabie In The Stone

Lady And The Boabie

Bedknobs and Boabies

Homeward Boabie: The Incredible Boabie

A Boabie's Life

500 Days Of Boaby

The Boaby Agent

All The King's Boabies

Lars & The Real Boabie

Alice In Boabieland

The Boabie In The Iron Mask

Boabies Of New York

A Boabie Runs Through It

10 Things I Hate About Boabie

Boabies Of The Carribean

Boabie In The Clouds

Gone In Sixty Boabies

The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a boabie

Talented Mr Boabie

My Big Fat Greek Boabie

Don't Be a Boabie To Boabie While Drinking Your Boabie In The Boabie


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Bad Boabie

As Good As Boabie Gets

Infernal Boabies

Once Upon A Boabie In America

The Third Boabie

Ther Pursuit Of Boabies

The Long Good Boabie

All About My Boabie

The Boabie Hunter

Sympathy For Mr Boabie

Boabie At The Gates

Mean Boabie

Hard Boabie

Everything you Wanted To Know About Boabie But Were Too Afraid To Ask

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