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Fifa 09

Soda Jerk

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Out Tomorrow! Exciting times, especially since the PES series hasn't released a good version since PES4 and the last PES installment was quite shambolic.

Man, I love Fifa.

Looking forward to the Be A Pro Career mode. I hope it's a mode they keep on improving instead of ditching like they did with the 5-a-side mode on Fifa 97/98. That was ace, and despite a tiny goal mouth, it was still piss easy to score.


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Never properly enjoyed Pro Evo myself. It seems too rigid and flat. It's very arcade-y and often comes across like a glorified Virtua Striker from the Dreamcast. PES4 is a good fun game to play with friends, but there's no longevity in the single player mode, so it's pretty boring. The PES games after No.4 were so badly put together, the gameplay was just terrible. PES08 being the worst by miles.

Also, there's no Sheffield Wednesday on Pro Evo, so it can get to fuck.

Anyway, this thread is about Fifa. Not International Soccerstar Big Match Supergoals Deluxe XVII.

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As fluid as Fifa? Ha! Played the demo for the new one and I've never been so bored during a football game! The only thing I would take from it is the shooting practice from the loading scenes and the licenses.

Fair enough. Go buy Pro Evo and enjoy your rigid, lifeless, japanese arcade football where the players run like robots. Even more robotic in the North East London versus Highbury Reds derby. A classic match!

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Someone should set up an Aberdeen Music league.

Ignoring all the PES snobs that seem to have turned up in this thread I've gone and created a league.

It's cunningly entitled Aberdeen Music and the password is c1oud5ux

max 15 teams (doubt we'll fill it), playing 3 times. Could take a while...

And BTW you'll probably want to pick a good team. Don't do what I did in another league and join up with the dons only to find out everyone's chosen Barca, Chelsea and Arsenal.

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