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New Ascension Song + Intro!


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Been a while since ive posted any Ascensiony stuff here haha!

well basically, just uploaded our new song and its Intro

" moongate " is the songs name =]

If your gonna have a listen, i highly suggest listening to the intro to,

unfortunatly myspace compression has made the track well fuzzy >< which is nae good! but its still one of our best songs weve created as a band, and i hope everyone likes it =]

If you do, take a wee listen to our other tracks, Blackthorne, Fortress and our cover of Stratovarius's song - Stratosphere!

MySpace.com - Ascension - Are gig hunting everywhere! - Aberdeen, Scotland - Metal / Metal / Metal - www.myspace.com/ascensionbanduk

Hope you all enjoy =]

Ricki Ascension

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Guest idol_wild

I gave it a listen and all I will say is that it presents me of an image of five boys in their late teens huddled round a candle-lit table playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Why do metal bands always sing about the Gates of Hell?

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Hey Ricki

I'm not too keen on the moongate intro, I think it should perhaps should be shorter? I think it might be good to get an atmosphere in a live set but it just seems too long and boring just listening to it.

I think your recording doesn't do you justice to be honest. I really like your band cos you do an ace live show. I think the levels need to be fixed on 'moongate', the guitars should be a lot more forward in the mix, the drums are far too prominent. The guitar solo is good at about the 4 minute mark cos it the sound is brought forward. What I guess I am trying to say is that this recording does not convey the energy of your band; it just needs better production/editing.



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Im not a fan of powermetal (well apart from some Helloween). Really like Moongate, very catchy.The intro did nothing for me.

I think that the production doesn't do you justice, the kick needs brought up a lot. The guitar tone is good though, so is the vocals.

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