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  1. wee press release on Bravewords.com! Bravewords.com > News > ASCENSION Release New Preview Track; Debut Album Produced By KING DIAMOND Guitarist Andy La Rocque
  2. If you see the videos of them recording there new album with the new vocalist, you can hear theyve included another bout of " so far awaaaay " in there hahaha!!! And monk rocker, we will most definatly play inverness! we played we there in 2009 on tour at Mad hatters and it was fucking awesome!!
  3. Thanks everyone! so chuffed everyone seems to like it The rest of the album as doc says has a good mixture of writing styles, and hopefully you can all hear a wee bit more soon Thanks for that email address man! ill get in touch once we get the press packs all ordered and promotional copies of the album ready!
  4. Hey Everyone! Ascension have always had a mixed reaction in our old city of aberdeen, even being nominated worst band 3 years in a row! but nevertheless i want to share with you the new song from our upcoming debut album "Far Beyond The Stars" The album was a big project for us, 4 weeks spent with legendary King Diamond guitarist " Andy Larocque " at his own studio in Varberg, Sweden. its our fastest, most melodic, shreddy production to date and its receiving fantastic feedback so far. We are currently sorting out the "Business" side of releasing the album, i shan't say anymore right now but everything's going in the right direction and there are lots of plans for the future on the back of this album, needless to say we are extremely proud of it. Anyway, just trying to get some feedback and i'm also looking for reviewers for the whole album, preferably people who run at least a reasonably reputable blog, or review forum, or magazine etc etc. so get in touch if you'd be interested Anyway, here's the latest installment from the new era of Ascension, intense power metal in the vein of helloween meets Dragonforce/edguy/gamma ray and everything in between! Visit us on facebook - Ascension Scotland | Facebook
  5. I have for sale my Schecter Demon 7-FR guitar in Satin black! The only faults are there's a small pea-sized scuff on the front of the body, and the jack input needs adjusted ( not making perfect contact all the time ) i bought it for 380 about a year ago and barely use it really and i need the cash more than the guitar! Its currently tuned to Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb It comes with Seymour duncan active pickups as standard and a licensed 7 string floyd rose trem, 24 jumbo frets with cool inlays etc, full spec can be found here Schecter Demon 7 FR, Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar Guitars Looking for 220! ONO? Email Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com
  6. Absolutly one of the bes guitars ever made. Im working in sweden right now on my new album with Andy Larocque of King Diamond, and he has a custom Horus, its an absolute monster!!! also my friend olof morck from the bands dragonland/amaranthe has a custom Horus, there soooo fucking sweet. Cant afford one though This is a bargain for whoever wins it.
  7. Hey there Im selling my BC Rich beast, its not in the best condition, as typical with these guitars its get several chips and dents on the bodywork, i did plan to chip off all the paint and sand it down/respray it but never bothered, its been sitting in a ritter case in my cupboard gathering dust for about 6 months now, if it was shined up and resprayed it would be a stunning guitar once more! Dont really know all the fine details except its a fixed bridge, 24 jumo frets, standard BC Rich pickups, its in Red. and its the Platinum series. Looking for maybe 120 for it or nearest offer. needing to raise extra cash for a recording session in sweden in a few weeks! Email: Rickicaz1279@Hotmail.com Text: 07867 512787 P.S. ive also listed a 7 string Schecter Demon 7-FR and a 32 inch LCD tv in another listing on here, so if interested have a peak
  8. Selling my Schecter Demon 7-FR 7 string Dont really want to see it go, but i need extra money for the trip to sweden in a few weeks. Its 6 months old, and the only blemish is a wee scuff on the front ( cheap to have painted over or whatever ) its in satin black, beautiful finish. its an awesome 7 string with a pretty robust licensed Floyd Rose, amazing tone with seymour duncan pickups, bla bla bla, id see the schecter website for more information really. bought it 6 months ago for 400, so im looking for around 300, or a near offer obviously P.S. Im also selling a 32 inch LG LCD TV, think its an LG2000, HD Ready, in absolutly mint condition, bought it also 6 months ago but i cant find any of the paperwork for warrenty etc :/ Looking for 180 Or nearest offer for it Email: Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com Text: 07867512787 ( dont phone unless you email me first because i probably wont answer a number i dont recognise haha )
  9. Sup gangsta's Ascension have finally released our newest EP, Alchemy! 4 Tracks of Modern, Guitar driven Power Metal! plus a bonus instrumental cover of Mozarts horn concerto no.4! haha This is just a little taster EP before we sail off to sweden in august for 3 weeks to record our debut album with King Diamond guitarist Andy Larocque. The EP is available to buy in hard copy from Ascension — Home along with T shirts etc, or you can download the individual tracks or entire ep from Ascension | Alchemy | CD Baby It will also be available on Itunes, Spotify, and AmazonMP3 within the next week or so as well Theres a couple of songs and some sneak peaks on our myspace for anyone interested ( linked below ) and ive also included a youtube promo clip. Thanks:) Ascension [NEW SONG UP NOW!!!!] on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  10. Hey, couldnt find an appropriate place to place this ad except here, so it may get moved! Aye, selling my ford ka! i'll be honest, it needs a touch of work to make it perfect, i dont have the time or cash to be arsed with it though to be honest, most of the problems are tiny cosmetic problems, but ive reflected all the problems in the price but i am OPEN TO OFFERS!. but it runs fine and i use it on a daily basis at the moment If anyones interested, give me an email at Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com or a call/text on 07867 512787 heres all the details below. T Reg (1999) Ford Ka 1.3 61000 Miles on the clock 4 months MOT Will need tax ( current tax is through my fathers disability thingy ) Purple ( colour coded bumpers ) Lip spoiler Sony CD player included ( with Aux-in for mp3 player ) Fox Alloys ( Although they are quite kerbed! nae in such good nick ) full set of red/black seat covers/steering wheel cover in quite good nick, although i could never figure out how to get them to fit properly :/ maybe someone else can??? Just had new spark plugs and Air Filter fitted Just had 2 brand new front tyres around 4 weeks ago Just had brand new front right wishbone arm replpaced ( Fucking aberdeen potholes ) Bad bits: . Could do with new front brake pads ( 15 or so from ebay/reids at the beach ) .Rust starting to bubble around rear left wing, could be rubbed down and resprayed but cant be arsed lol. . Small rust patch appearing at bottom of passenger and drivers side door. . Plastic fascia that holds CD player in keeps coming loose, bit of glue would sort it! . Drivers side window doesnt come all the way down, seems like its getting stuck on something, its non-electrical so is probably just the cables being tangled or something. . Odd dent and scratch here and there, pretty typical of age... . Engine runs fine but could do with a new coil pack or new spark leads to get it running a bit smoother, its been getting a weak spark the last month or so, but again, just couldnt be arsed getting it done....New Coil packs are like 30 quid off ebay, and if you can get underneath the car they take about 25 minutes to replace ( if you know what your doing! ) . Theres a knock coming from the front somewhere when i go over the odd bump or so, i had all the suspension replaced recently with parts from overton ( including shocks ) and they were fitted perfectly, so its not that....hasnt caused any problems to the drive though. .
  11. This is more advice than anything Schecter is the way forward, and you can get a decent 7 string schecter brand new for quite cheap! i know you dont want anything to fancy, but avoid the ibanez 7321, the sustain is awful, and the neck isnt brilliant either. about 4 months ago i bought a Schecter Demon 7 FR, quite a low-end schecter at 380 quid brand new, but its an absolute beast! you can get it cheaper without the floyd rose though if you want i guess... anyway overall, Schecter's the way forward for 7 string's, i wouldnt get an Ibanez 7 unless i could afford the the higher end RG/prestige models.
  12. Got another one for your comments/etc still working on a few tweaks and twangs here and there before EP is pressed so all comments about the production etc are greatly appreciate YouTube - Ascension - The Sacrifice
  13. my uncle bought like 4 this morning, nae sure where from.
  14. And there was me thinking id be locked up for revealing that i also play guitar as well as sing =]
  15. Overly cheesy as in fighting dragons and storming castles! hahaha Its slightly less cheesy. but still has a portion of cheese in it....i dont think Power metal can be made without at least some parmassan at least
  16. YouTube - Ascension - Another Chance At Life Youtube link to for those of you who hate myspace players.
  17. Hey guys looking for some feeback on the new Ascension song! its quite different from our usual stuff, we're sticking to the good old power metal, but making it a lot more catchy, veering away from typical cliche's and overly cheesy lyrics Still heavy, fast, and melodic! its from our upcoming Alchemy EP, which is sounding awesome so far! The new song got played in Korova the other night, and the reaction was really really great! so i wonder what you guys have to say haha! First song in the player, " Another Chance At Life " - Ascension [NEW SONG UP NOW!!!!] on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  18. That is literally terrifying on stage haha. did that whilst opening the Metalfest UK in derby last year, hundreds of potential new fans in front of me....JUST remembered them in the nick of time haha....saved!
  19. Ive got a used-once Zoom G7.1ut tube multi effects unit, used it once and i couldnt be arsed...dont need it. still in its box with all manuals. paid 200 for it a month ago, selling it now for 160 Geez an email if your interested - Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com
  20. love the gold hardware just bought a 7 string schecter demon 7 FR so dont have the money, but it looks a gem!
  21. lowering to 180 if it doesnt go for that ill slap it on ebay...
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