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Music Hall Bug


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Dozens of people have been struck down with a bug after an Aberdeen concert.

Around 50 people are thought to have been hit by sickness and diarrhoea after attending the Charlatans gig at the Music Hall on Sunday night.

Those affected believe it was caused by an airborne bug.

But health chiefs today said it was "too early" to speculate about the cause.

Four members of North-east band Driveblind, who supported the main act, were among those struck down.

Gary McKay, 25, the brother of Driveblind drummer Dave McKay, began to feel ill after the gig.

Gary said: "I was up most of the night being sick and not feeling too good."

The hotel manager from Ellon is convinced the illness stemmed from the Music Hall gig.

He said: "We have been trying to think what else it could have been, but there is nothing else we did together. I thought it may have been something I had eaten, but everyone else got the same and there was no way it was food poisoning."

Another fan, who attended the concert with her boyfriend, has been off work since yesterday with the stomach bug.

She said: "I started feeling ill around lunchtime on Tuesday. But by the evening it was worse.

"The only things I had to drink were water and Coke. My boyfriend had exactly the same, but he's feeling fine, so that makes me think it was an airborne bug."

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman said: "We have had two reports from people who have suffered sickness and diarrhoea."

Aberdeen Performing Arts, which runs the Union Street venue, said it was taking advice from environmental health officials.

NHS Grampian has set up a helpline for those affected. It is (01224) 523800.

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Guest highroller
Originally posted by Frosty Jack:

Loads of people are ill apparently, but The Only One I Know, Cant Get Out of Bed. An airborne virus? How High? It must have been passed on One To Another


that was pretty funny...for a WEIRDO hehehe...get it?

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You still have to be a messed up cookie to see them though....

Actually no- I'll admit I used to quite like them back in the day, wasn't really deeply into them and only ever bought a couple of their singles and their 'best of' but they were ok like.

They were, however, truly dreadful at T in the Park last year.

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