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  1. It's been many a year since I've been on these forums, and I do apologise in advance if anybody feels like this is spam, but I thought some of you may be interested... Cineworld Queens Links & Union Square are currently running a competion: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=429664&l=f28f632b92&id=190591014395468
  2. first of all... I totally forgot how awesome that song is secondly, I have to agree with whats already been said, the video just doesn't seem to match the song. Its not a bad video, just doesn;t quite go...
  3. thats fantastic, I was looking for the homebrew synthesizers but I couldn't find thte link. I can use that in my dissertation, thanks!
  4. I know I haven't posted here in years, but I really really need some help with my hours project. Basically I'm doing a Bsc Audio Technology w/ Multimedia and my project is on audio editing software for portable games consoles. If some of yous could fill out this questionairre it would help me out a lot! Audio Editing Software for Portable Games Consoles Questionairre I'd also offer to buy a bag of lollypops and hand them out in exodus or somewhere to everyone who helps me out but I'm stuck in Glasgow for another 3 weeks so have some virtual lollies instead. Thanks a lot! Kat
  5. Also Sanctuary Fire will be unable to play, so there is another slot if any other band are interested. Just get back to me as soon as.
  6. it would be awesome if you could play this gig, I haven't heard back from anyone else and Sanctuary Fire are not able to play. If you are able to play send me a message on kat_davie@hotmail.com and 'll get contact info and all that sorted out. Thanks Kat
  7. so far it's as follows The Apologies (a rocking two piece) A New Life Story (which will be an acoustic set) and theres Sanctuary Fire (a hard-rock act) they aren't 100% sure yet whether they'll be able to play yet.
  8. theres a slot available for a band to play at the 13th note this sunday. you'd be 2nd or 3rd on a bill out of 4. the band would need to be in glasgow at around 5pm for the soundcheck at 6pm a rock band is prefered, but anything else, except emo, will be considered if you're interested could you please contact me (Kat) by email at kat_davie@hotmail.com or if your band has a myspace page feel free to contact me through that www.myspace.com/as_you_are i know it's quite short notice, but could you let me know by wednesday at the latest if you're interested and I'll get back to you by thursday. Thanks Kat
  9. Man B, dont argue with Maxi, you wont win, you should know this.
  10. I've managed to get some friends to come along with me to the gig! And del I believe you owe me a drink!
  11. Im supposed to be going out on Sunday but if I am I'll just get my mum to tape it
  12. groovy


    I thought Connor finds Serenas body, Ive seen a picture of him carrying her out of water. This would be a good time for Dee to magically turn up.
  13. I actually feel physically sick after watching that...
  14. is it just me or does anyone else notice that quite a lot of coldplays singles all sound alike. Also why is it that Chris Martin reckons that writing on his hands will solve the debt problem in developing countries. I'm surprised he hasn't started writing on his child... or has he? Other than that I've got nothing against them.
  15. yeah gargimel created her as a spy, so he could locate their village or something, but the uber goodness of all the other smurfs to her good. Also smurfs have no reproductive organs... yet isn't there like a baby smurf or something... how the hell does that work?
  16. www.myspace.com/as_you_are
  17. http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/images/groovy/tripping.jpg ooo funky
  18. 1 - I have soft cartilidge under my kneecap which cause my kneecap to dislocate 2 - I can make my eyes shake really fast, also my eyes have brown speckles in them, which i find odd :s 3 - I want to be a pirate when I grow up
  19. groovy


    thats the first time ive seen neighbours in weeks! Did you see the evil nurse behind Izzy an Susan when they were arguing? I was hoping she was going to stab Izzy or soemthing, she just had thta look in her eyes! WHENS BILLY COMING BACK?!?!?!
  20. my mum pushing me along in my buggy down little john street
  21. Princess Leia, apparently that means my hairs cool, which it is.
  22. Aww bless! i bet those bloody people only own those goats so they can open and close umbrellas all day just to scare the goats so they fall over.
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