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best amp for metal?

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dudes, whats the best gigging amp for playing heavy metal? cause i was thinking like a marshall stack but, i dno?


You're going to get a million responses, but the ENGL Powerball seems to be the weapon of choice for metalheads, although they can be pricey.

Marshalls are very much hit and miss these days - I've had four recently (JCM2000 TSL100, JCM900, 6010 Anniversary, JTM 60) - and none of them really tripped my trigger.

Mesa & Diezel are beefy, but expensive.

I would recommend my Hughes & Kettner Trilogy rig as the High-Gain channel is absolutely blinding, but again H&K are pricey.

Laney amps are good value and their Tony Iommi signature head is competitively priced

Peavey 5150 & 6505 (or is it 6506) are another option.

What's your budget?

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In a nutshell:

If you've got money, a Peavy 5150 or a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

On a budget: Any marshall solid state played through a Boss Metal Zone.

I play an LTD Viper-50 through a Boss Metal Zone into a Marshall Valvestate 100 head and a Hughes and Kettner 4x10 (soon to be a 1960 Marshall 4x12, thanks DZL) and to quote stuartmaxwell and Own TFOBK my tone is "fucking amazing." Which is good when you play in a band self described as "Total Crust Violence" or "Chainsaw Stenchcore"

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If you've got that much money, Id say try for a Peavy 5150. A Mesa Boogie is way too expensive.

Even a Marshall JCM 900 would be good.

All i can say is, if I had tons of money, Id go for a 5150.

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Even a Marshall JCM 900 would be good.

A JCM 900 doesn't have the tightest bottom end, so fast plam muted style riffs do sound a bit flabby. But I suppose it depends what kind of metal yr playing.

As Thurisaz said, a solid state Marshall + decent distortion pedal is a cheap alternative.

But, really the best advice is to try before you buy.

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kool , whats the basic rrp on a 5150?

About 675 for the 6505, which is the 5150 renamed last year to represent the 40th anniversaty 1965 - 2005 (geddit?)

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Diesel is right, the Powerball is great for me :)

Come see Element 106 to hear it for yourself :up:

ENGL Powerball

ENGL Fireball


ENGL Invader

Mesa Single/Dual/Triple Rectifier

Mesa Roadster

Mesa Mark IV

Randall MT100

Randall Warhead X2

Krank Revolution

Krank Krankenstein

Diezel VH4

Diezel Herbert


VHT Deliverance 120

Splawn Competition

Splawn Hot Rod

Splawn Quick Rod

Bogner Uberschall

Peavey 5150II/6505+

Peavey JSX

Hughes & Kettner Trilogy

Hughes & Kettner Switchblade

Rivera Knucklehead

Laney Iommi

Marshall JCM800 2203ZW

Marshall JMP1

Marshall JVM (hopefully!)

These are all good amps for metal. Not in the 500-700 price range right enough but gives you an idea just the variety on offer! All voiced very different from brand to brand. model to model within brand etc.

I'll find out which amp Alexi uses as I'm guessing that's what you'll most likely want! :laughing:

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i think am diggin the dual recitifier, id have enough for the head, how much would it be for a 4x12 cabinet? wb

Well, the answer to that one two hours ago would have been 200 for a 4x12 with Vintage 30's.

However - it's now sold.

There's an as-new one in Scot-Ads this week for 200 notes, although I think its G12T-75's that are in it.

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you dont necessarily need a peavey cab. since the cab is so big, it would be better to look into getting something locally.

I just bought Diezel's Marshall (with vintage 30s), so, if you really want a quick sale, I'll sell you an old Hughes and Kettner 4x10 for really cheap.

Its got a metal grid on the front!

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I'm looking for a halfstack myself!

The Peavey XXX has been mentioned a lot.

For £600 you could get a 150 watt line 6 head and 4x12 cab. Loads of effects built in.

Depends if you want an all valve amp? Peavey valve king 100 watt head go for about £250 new! A cab would be about the same!

I've got a Marshall valvestate 2x12 combo. It's alright, does the job, but nothing amazing!

I'm getting a valve, coz there so much louder than digital amps, unless you get the Fender metalhead, 500 fucking watts. Or the Line 6 HD147 300 watts!

You should do loads of research, coz an amp should be for life, not christmas!

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check for second hand mesas or look for ones in the USA. costs 60 to get em sorted for uk use

it really does pay to spend a bit more on your amp

what guitar do you use?

p.s. solid state amps are generally shite for metal and you will nto get the best out of your overdrive pedals

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