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  1. Hi, haven't been on this site for a while, decided to update my profile a bit but the section to edit my signature isn't present where the help page says it should be, can't find it anywhere else. Best of luck fixing this. Cheers!
  2. The inclusion of the Les Paul is very intentional Dont see the point when you could have a fat strat. As with art, its like the mannie fa kissed the pigs arse. Its all a matter o taste.
  3. Well...stick figures on a cave wall sure beats this. So...whats your point? That modern artists suck more than ever?
  4. I've always found the ER-20s to sound a bit plastic-ey if that makes sense. I dont like rehearsing with them that much. Buy a set, they're not expensive, I think I got a set of 3. Still to find something better for the price.
  5. Art that has nothing worthwhile to say or does not express its message in a way that its intended audience can interpret is an art fail.
  6. If it IS a 2204, its 50w, vertical input type
  7. BUT much safer than using phone plugs! No chance of accidental disconnect, dont suffer from the shorting out your amp problem when disconnecting at the speaker side, cant accidentally plug them into something you're not supposed to (well, extremely small chance anyway), bi/quad amping capability, more durable, easier to fix than a phone plug (no soldering), much tidier with heavier gauge wires, no chance of mixing up a speaker cable and an instrument cable... And miles better than using *shudder* XLRs for speaker connectors... Silly Bose!
  8. Does this image help you atall? http://www.buyspeakercable.com/SPEAKON_OPEN_BIG.gif The white part in that image (yours might be black) is the strain relief. When the back of the connector is screwed on it applies force and grips the cable pretty tight. Over time IME they become pretty stubborn to unstick from the cable. There should be a side to it you can jam a wee screwdriver down and prise it apart enough to get it unstuck from the cable. Is this the part you're having difficulty with? Or is it the black part at the right hand side of the image? If I remember correctly its just one of those things you've got to shoogle around and keep pushing at until it comes away from the assembly with the terminators. If its stuck, a hammer might actually not be a bad idea to seperate the two plastic parts (nondestructively, preferably!) You need to pull that part *away* from the cable, like the housing of an XLR. The connector is assembled in order as shown in the image. Hope this helps.
  9. And doesn't need to be installed! My colleague introduced me to it, brilliant for running off a USBstick when you're suspect of a machine thats been compromised. Agreed, iTunes is a terrible piece of software. Not in the way its written, but in the way its designed. Reminds me of most apple software in this respect Thank goodness you can access an iPod like a flash drive. Not that I would have one, but when I do have to deal with them its handy.
  10. I'm running 7 right now, I've actually bought windows 7! I had a licence for vista with this computer, and I *bought* another licence for windows 7 (after running the beta, I was very impressed) to replace it, Vista was that bad. Depending on the age and spec of the laptop, a downgrade to XP may or may not be a better option if it is available.
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