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  1. hey man yeah id be intrested in that shit, altho it wud probably take me 3 weeks to get the money for it, wud u be able to keep it till then for me? wb man
  2. yes i need a keyboard player hey mark man its guy here from souls of the sinister member me we always used to talk on msn n shit, well yeah am needin a keyboard player that can shred like fuck and rip out fuckin mental arepgios to harmonise/solo battle with me. the style that i am writing in write now is neo classical/black metal/melodic death if u wna hear the material im writing i cud send u sum shit ive written on guitar pro 5 but be warned its fuckin craaaazy shit. lol ok man if ur intrested pm me or reply or what ever jus get in contact even if ur not intrested jus so i no if ud be up for it. cheers dude. peace out Guy
  3. guitarist needed! hey man, sounds good to me, im trying to start a band at the moment, i mostly play lead and sing, i also love to solo, im looking for a good solid rythm guitarist who can play over my lead parts but yet be able to solo battle with me, i have shit loads of songs written on guitar pro so if u wna hear them then jus add me on msn and well talk about it cheers man Guy
  4. band available dude im startin a neo classical melodic black metal band pm if ur intrested
  5. hey man ive played geetar for 6 years, im usualy just a neo classical shredder but i recently started playing bass got my own bass and shit for my birthday, my influinces include, children of bodom, dissection, emperor, ynwgie malmsteen, nevermore, deicide, cannibal corpse, morbid angel, dark tranquility, ensiferum, norther, wintersun, dimmu borgir, amon amarth, machinehead, symphony x. jus anythin that is metal really, what sorta stuff do u guys play? i wud be intrested if it were more on the metal side of things rather than hard rock, bt dont get me wrong i love sabbath, ozzy is better i think tho cuz randy rhoads is also one of my gods. wb man
  6. no problem man if u ever need a geetarist or bassist give me a shout.
  7. ill do it. ive been playing guitar for 6 years and i usualy jus shred neo classical shit bt i recently got a bass so ill try it out. wb man
  8. well im a neo classical shredder and i love my neo classical riffs, i also love melodic death metal and black metal so why not fuse them together? wb man
  9. yo dude, im tryin to start a band, ive been playin guitar for 6 years and am heavily influinced by alexi laiho from children of bodom, the style i was thinkin wud be lik blackend neo classical melodic death metal. wb if ur intrested .
  10. hi, my name is Guy, i am almost 17, ive been playing guitar for almost 6 years, and am heavly into neo classical elemented metal, and recently been getting into classical music such as mozart, beethoven and bach and i want to learn classical piano. i have no prevoius experiacne with a piano and cant even read music but am willing to learn. i am only in aberdeen 5 days a week as i am doing a guitar course in glasgow. please p.m me if you are intrested. thank you.
  11. Dude! neo classical blackened melodic death metal band, are u in?
  12. xbox core system boxed for 180. call me on 01224 735977 if your intrested.
  13. Violin player needed for Neo-Classical Melodic Death Metal band, must be fast and good, able to solo with guitar and maybe even out battle it. wb
  14. yeah i have i played speed metal symphony on it and it sounds puuuurfect to me
  15. ......................................................... u suck
  16. oh u are soo coool duudeee look at me "woah man im cool i slag people off in a thread because im too pussy to do it to peoples faces cuz am actualy a pussy and id get battered so i do it on the internet to make myself feel superior." get. a. fuckin. life. u. tit.
  17. h'min fars jaska ratikainen lolz wb man we still jammin on sunday yeah?
  18. sleeping monkey dude?is this glam metal band still happening? wb dude
  19. guitarist (mainly rythm sumtimes double lead) need and keyboard player (able to solo for keyboard/guitar battle solos) needed, our genre is neo classical melodic death metal, give me a shout if intrested. Guy "Wild Child" Anderson
  20. come on dude, what ever it will be it will be fun, cuz glam is all about fun. u sed EVERY kind of music concidered.
  21. we dnt have to wear spandex. wb
  22. lol kool, yeah so when u wantin a jam lolz
  23. up for joining a glam metal band? wb
  24. what i dont understand that at all, howd u mean its not urz lolz
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