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What would you take...


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....if you were told that you were staying on an island for the rest of your life, that didn't have reception for any mobile network, or electrical output.

3 Items, not alive.

mine would be:

1. A football, for boredom

2. My duvet, because it's a comfy thing.

3. And a Jumbo pack of Rizla, just incase I got lucky.


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my craft box (it has all my sewing kit, fabric, a badge maker, glitter pens, regular pens, glue, fabric paint, paper, scissors, stanley knive-all the stuff you need to make whatever you want or write whatever you want)

my learn to speak chinese fluently book (if i've got my whole life, i'll have time to do it.)

my southern living cookbook (it has recipes for absolutely every kind of meat and vegetable so i'll be able to make delicious food out of not so appetising animals.)

guess i'll have to remember to throw some stainless steel and a mold into my craft box so i can fashion myself a couple pans to cook with.

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Guest b-bert
1. A machete

2. A solar torch

3. Some solar panels

That is all I can think of right now. I would try to take some suncreen too if i could

what do you need solar panels for if you have a solar torch?



a huge ball of string

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