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  1. We now have our first ever batch of T-Shirts up for sale. They are £10 each and available from our webstore --------> http://belikepablo.bigcartel.com/ <-------- Here are some of our friends who kindly offered to be models for a while
  2. if you still have this when i get paid in a couple of weeks i might well take it from you. just out of interest, how gnarly does the drive get on the pedal?
  3. thanks. much appreciated. is the download link working ok for everyone now?
  4. Hello all. That is the link fixed. It had been altered slightly to include some new credits in the art work. If you give it another go it should be fine. If not get in touch and i'll do what I can. Thanks!
  5. Think it has a been a problem today as I have heard a similar tale from other downloaders. Ewen should be able to sort it asap. I shall keep you all in the loop if i can (i'm on holiday though so adam might be more use). If you have any continuting problems let us know at belikepablomusic@gmail.com and we will make sure you get a copy. To those that have downloaded and listened, I salute you. It really is appreciated. Jamie
  6. Hi, That us just released our debut album "The New Adventures" via our website www.belikepablo.com for free. When you sign in you can download the album in it's entirety as well as all the corresponding art work. A physical release will follow later in the year but for now download, share and listen to your hearts content. We have spent nearly 3 years self funding and making this album possible and just want everyone to be able to enjoy it as much as did making it. Thanks to all! www.belikepablo.com www.facebook.com/belikepablo
  7. also we did this acoustic version in an backalley for inverness' nut sessions.
  8. As a part of our ongoing plan to release our album for free over a number of months we have released a single for our song "Someone to Love". You get loads of stuff with the single so its well worth a cheeky free download. There are plans to do a physical release sometime over the next few weeks too. listen to it here soundcloud.com/belikepablo/someone-to-love-be-like-pablo download it from here www.belikepablo.com Thanks Muchly. Jamie BLP
  9. cheers. it is much appreciated. if you have any questions about the site etc just let me know.
  10. Hi everyone, please check out and sign up to our new website at the following address http://www.belikepablo.com We are releasing our album ""The New Adventures" for free in 6 months and every month up until then we will be releasing tracks, artwork, behind the scenes interviews and everything else to do with the band/album. It's all going to be free from beginning to end so it's worth signing up for. Here is our guitarist Ross explaining everything. 38149044 To add to this if you sign up now you get two free tracks straight away, as well as an introduction to our weekly video blog. Cheers everyone, all the best!
  11. how much you looking for the simms watts? what mk is it?
  12. Been thinking about it and my winner this year is Manchester Orchestra with Simple Math.
  13. haha aye, kit as in bow, case, roisin (and violin of course). i'm not in aberdeen so i can either bring it through or i can send it to you. its up to you. just PM me.
  14. Cheers adam. I have one fullsized academy violin kit left if you are interested? Tis brand new and unused. £30 and not a penny more
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