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  1. I second what both colb and Chris are saying. I've often thought about upgrading my acoustic but then I remember how good it plays and sounds to me and I wonder if I'll get another like it. I spent a good month or more going through R&B and Bruce Millers on my days off trying out almost every acousitc in each shop before making my decision and I'm glad I did. Anyway, I ended up going for a Tanglewood TW45 electro acoustic. I find it nice and easy to play, and I have had various positive comments over the years from others who's opinions I respect regarding the sound both unplugged and through a PA. Kev
  2. I got an inexpensive wallet type offa ebay one. Does the job for the price...
  3. KSJ81

    2013/2014 Season

    Ok I can't post a link cos I'm rubbish buy its on you tube. Arsenal v millwall 1989. To be fair the gunners players weren't told before hand but I doubt it would have affected their behaviour. They've always been good at harassing referees. Adams calls him a cheat. Love how high pitched his voice goes.
  4. KSJ81

    2013/2014 Season

    this reminds me of the time that, now who was it, David elary was that his name? was given a microphone and tony Adams took it upon himself to run from the goal line to the halfway liens calling him a cheat etc. For not awarding a goal or penalty. I'll have to you tube it to resresh my memory. Anyway it was a great advert for not giving the audio to anyone for broadcast!!
  5. KSJ81

    The Running Thread

    2 questions for you seasoned runners. 1. How do you keep track/ set your pace? I've been back at the gym and its easy on the treadmill but when I do run outside the gym I always seem to go bombing off even though I am not aware of it and then flag quicker than I should. 2. During my 5k at lunch today I started to feel a pain up one of my shins. Could this be caused by the wrong trainer or bad technique or could it just be a strain? It feels perfectly fine now. Any suggestions welcomed.
  6. KSJ81

    2013/2014 Season

    2 things from yesterday: 1. Fat Salary McMoist will be banging down the chairman's door today telling him how yesterdays result is proof that his squad aren't good enough to compete in the championship next season and he needs another 5 million to the playing budget to ensure promotion to the SPL. 2.It's quite shocking how far players like Law (a standout at Motherwell IMO) and even Daily 10+? goals a season in the SPL have dropped since joining that shower! Not that I have an ounce of sympathy for them, the longer players like Law, Daily, Black, McCulloch, Wallce continue to steal wages from 'The Rangers by the way big man but' the better. I don't often comment on Sevco due to my pure hatred for them and I can feel my blood boiling so, to sum up. Fuck sevco and all who sail in her they deserve all that is coming to them
  7. I was there December 18-24th 2 years ago and it was dry but cold especially in the wind, in fact the wind was a cunt to be honest.
  8. I Love New York!! When we go we always plan the days we are going to go to the main attractions in advance and head to them early as the queues are massive. On the day we went to the empire state building we were there for just after 9 am and we got up to security very easily with hardly any wait. By the time we had gone through security passed the photographers trying to fleece you of your dollars and got to the elevators (approx 15 minutes) the queue for security was backed up to the door and heading out onto the street. So it pays to organize these days so you don't end up wasting your day in a queue. Personal favorites for me: Shopping: Jersey garden or Woodbury common outlets on one of our first days in New York to get it over and done with. For souvenirs we usually go to China town and haggle with the shop owners there instead of paying the prices in Times Square. A lot of folk go down china town and Canal street for their knock off handbags etc, we did this on one visit and there was a decent selection. You will be asked every couple of yards if you want gucci, prada, handbags, watches. Take your pick and follow them if that's what you're after. I think the NYPD are clamping down on this more now so I guess you take your chances... Sightseeing: Top of the Rock - Go for dusk or night as you get great views of all the hustle and bustle, we also went to Bills burger bar on the ground floor of Rockefeller plaza too for burger beer and football (the american type) I'm sure there are more authentic burger joints but we just happened upon it after we'd been up to the top. The intrepid air, sea and space museum, its an air craft carrier which is cool enough on its own! I paid $20 for the tour of Concorde and the guide was amazing and really knowledgeable and I got to sit in the pilots seat! Food: I took the wife to Daniel (3 Michelin stars) for a slap up meal, at the time it was voted 9th best restaurant in the Michelin guides top 50 in the world, being a foodie it was a great experience and the food was top notch all be it expensive by the time you added your drinks and tip. We were the best part of $400 for that one!! We also wen to Ruth's Chris Steak house for steak and lobster Yum!!! again quite expensive but very good. Sure I'll think of more to contribute... Kev
  9. Cheers, I'll check them out...
  10. Has anyone ever used a freeview signal booster? I Just put a TV in the family room but the digital signal keeps dropping out and it doesn't pick up many channels. I installed the aerial myself as the builder only ran the cable up to the loft from all the TV points. Any other suggestions on how to improve the problem would be great. I have read up on interweb but prefer first hand experiences Ta Kev
  11. KSJ81

    2013/2014 Season

    I would just like to say that I spent the whole say with Mo from when the bus picked me up at 7am until 11pm when we went our seperate ways on Market street. He never flinched once and wore his kit with pride at every step of the way. I tipped him to replace Hayes when he went down, and again to take penalty number 5 but in the end we had to settle for sharing an emotional embrace when Rooney slammed home the 4th pen to give us the cup. I am not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or 2!! What a day!! I am always proud to be a dandy but even more so at the moment. I remember the end of the glory days, just, but like most have had to settle for heartache for too long supporting Aberdeen. On wards to the SC semi and hopefully to the final where I fully expect Adam Mo to rock the full kit wanker look again for luck!!!!
  12. I just spat out my tea over this one!!!
  13. Nah lucky. Not guilty. I was seconded there before opening to help finalise things so was sent back to my own hotel before they started trading. I did however work with that guy in another hotel a few years before. wasn't too surprised when I heard he was involved. He went a bit mental around the time it all happened. Crazy thing to do for the amount of cash involved.
  14. not sure of another gym but yup that's pretty much it on the website photos for the holiday inn. Decent enough equipment and well maintained but its small and for the monthly cost you'll get better value elsewhere. I used to work for the company that owns the hotel and have used the gym on a few occasions.
  15. Dunno if its any help but my Boss GT6 fits snugly into a kinsman board. If my memory serves me right Stevie's board is the size up from mine. I'll butt out now.
  16. I wouldn't recommend it. You will most likely get found out and end up being kicked out for breaching the T&C's of booking. not getting a refund and having to walk the streets until your bus or train home the next day. If you survive that long of course. Trust me its not worth it.
  17. After accepting that I would have to listen to my beloved Aberdeen take on the farmers XI from Perth in the league cup semi final I have just received confirmation that I have a ticket ACE-IC. Train is booked too. Also ACE-IC
  18. KSJ81

    Pedals for sale...

    Shimverb gone. Bluesbraker and EQ left. will listen to offers on both.
  19. KSJ81

    Pedals for sale...

    Bluescrab is gone. Bluesbraker is similar, probably a bit beefier when cranked do you not fancy it?
  20. A tip I was given and find useful is to diary 3 practice times a week and stick to them like I would any other appointment I have in my calendar. I use these as my main learning time and split them across the week. If I can get in more time then great, if not I know I have my 4 hours a week where I'm doing it. It's quite easy for me to do this as I work regular hours and I don't have much of a social life anymore, and more importantly my wife loves the peace and quiet when I'm at the other side of the house form her!!
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