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  1. I hope you still love it in a month an end up keeping this one for a while... But if you do decide to off load it on a few weeks give me a shout I may be interested.
  2. KSJ81

    FS Boss GT-6

    Sorry dude it's gone. Forgot to update the thread.
  3. I had one on my board for years good bang for buck they are.
  4. It's actually occupying part of the WH Smith unit. The Kitchen remains where it has always been, for now, and has absorbed the land side Costa IIRC. The plan is to move security into part/ all of The Kitchen and expand the airside space. This I believe is happening in line with the expansion of the terminal into the Broomfield house site next to the terminal.
  5. Friday Quiz http://www.scotsman.com/sport/quiz 81% 13 out of 16
  6. Sold pending collection.
  7. KSJ81

    Pet Hates!

    Cyclists that use the pavement instead of the perfectly good road 2ft away. My wee boy has just been walking a couple of months so we like to have a stroll After supper and every night we meet at least 3 bike wankers coming down the pavement towards us or worse up behind us with no warning! The one I questioned tonight was moaning that my boy was inconveniencing him by toddling along at his own pace and made him come to a stop!
  8. I just re read my post what is know my street?!? I clearly meant Crown Street. I'll put it down to being early in the morning and predictive typing on the phone!!!
  9. What about the old Dr drakes? They were on here a while back in one of the forums saying it was available?!? Or number 7 on know my street was just on saying it was available?!?
  10. I have a vox ac4 tv head and 1x10 cab. Use it on the 1/4 watt setting in the hoose and have used it in a rehearsal room on the 4 watt setting and it has held its own (through a 4x12 as opposed to the 1x10) Also has the 1 watt setting too. I like my clean sound just starting to break up so it works well for me. If I'm being honest though I'd say its just a little on the quiet side if your gonna be playing with a big hitting drummer etc. I do like the fact I can push it a the lower settings to get the warm crunchy sound without disturbing the wife, the 1 year old or the neighbours! I've read that folk have swapped out the valves to get a bit more clean headroom if required...
  11. The thing I find strangest about united shifting Armstrong just now is that they are debt free, and have a chance of pushing for 2nd place and a league cup win (although they do normally bottle the big occasions against anyone other than Aberdeen). Celtic are not our of reach yet in the league either, although I do expect them to go on and win the league once the distraction of the UEFA cup is out of the way. I know they were hoping to get Allen in from Hibs but now are left with a big bank balance and a weaker squad IMO than they had on Saturday. I'm sure they have some youngsters ready to step into the first team regularly and more to come through from the youth squad. United are very good at developing their youngsters into first team players. Was it player pressure or more likely agent pressure to sell him now, perhaps a clause in his contract? Does just seem a bit strange.
  12. Aberdeen has been awarded the crown of Scotland's most dismal town http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-31095837 In my opinion a well deserved award for the city! You only have to take a walk up the main street of the 'oil capital of Europe' to see what a state it has been allowed to get into. Empty units, pound shops and upper floors in a state of disrepair. Will anyone at the council really take note of this or will they continue to plough forward with their head in the sand ignoring the what of the majority of the city and shire (who utilise the city as much as anyone) population want - a thriving city that we are proud to live, work and spend our time and money in?
  13. STV saying United have accepted a bid for Armstrong from Celtic and that GMS is also going there tonight not the summer It's one way of making sure you win the league cup, taking 2 of Uniteds best players from them!!
  14. TBH I've not seen enough of him since he left to decide if he would be worth getting back in if Jack goes. Just doesn't sit right with me taking him back, can't blame him for chasing the dream/ money of the EPL but like I say just something about taking him back. Regardless of my own vendetta against him I wish him no ill and I do hope he finds a club at a decent level as a footballers career is short enough without 3 years sitting on the sidelines just as you are coming into your prime. It does remind me of the story of the little boy who, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up confidently said, a substitute for a premiership football team. When asked why, he explained that he would get paid a huge amount of money to have the best seat pitch side to watch the football!!!
  15. Wonder if St Mirren will take a punt on him with Maclean heading up to us? St Mirren probably wouldn't pay his wages though. Wasted talent lured by the money down south. Be interesting to see where he ends up.
  16. Timpsons do screen repairs for iPhone not sure about other smartphones. Guess you'd have to ask them. Not had one done myself but I have been there when folk have been collecting and they seem happy enough!
  17. It's always difficult to take a defeat in the semi, especially to United, but in the cold light of day from what I seen on my dodgy stream of red tv international United seemed to want it more in the last half hour. The Rooney goal anywhere else on the park or indeed if the defender lays a hand on the forward it's not a foul. Unfortunately you see decisions like this given against forwards quite regularly. It will remain a point of argument Aside from that Aberdeen had chances to kill the game at 1-0 and didn't we were also very wasteful with possession in midfield all afternoon which led to the free kick the winner came from Both Aberdeen and United have come a long way in recent years and long may this continue. The more of a challenge Celtic are getting the better for Scottish football IMO! Finally what was Scott brown doing at the winner? I've watched the replays for dodgy bounces and deflections but it comes off the turf as you would expect. I've come to the conclusion rightly or wrongly that he thought it was going wide! He seems to move his hands towards the ball then stop and let it run through! Very strange!!
  18. This has to be a major whoosh but I'll bite. That article is from before last years semi!!!
  19. So, away from all the usual backlash you get from posts like this. Who is said luthier that does this? As I'm still in the hunt for my next acoustic and i think I'd like to research This option a bit more. Cheers
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