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  1. Does anyone have any preferably free (I know that's a long shot) PA equipment lying around that they would like to offload for a project I have been roped into? If not free then cheap as I don't have much of a budget for this (hence the scrounging post) Main things I am looking to find are; stage monitors or speakers that could double as monitors or I could modify and power amps, but I would consider any PA related items that you no longer love. Preferably in working order but again I will consider any condition. Thanks for looking and wish me luck!
  2. Fender stage 112 - 60 watt combo amp. Drive channel crackles a bit £50 Hiscox Lite Flite - hard case for electric guitar - excellent condition would suit L.P, S.G, telecaster shaped guitar - £40 Boss DS-1 - £25 Boss HM-2 - £30 Line 6 AM4 - amp modeler - £60 I am open to sensible offers on all items. If you would like pics PM me your mobile or email address and I can forward to you.
  3. KSJ81

    Pedals for sale...

    HM-2 sold pending pick up tomorrow.
  4. I am parting with the following pedals as I have no use for them Boss DS-1 distortion - £30 - this pedal doesn't need explaining -does what it says on the tin Boss HM-2 Heavy metal - £50 - this one was discontinued in the early 90's, and is a beast when a bit of time is spent playing with the sound. It also works really well for dirty bass sounds. Both pedals have been well used and cosmetically look a bit beat up, but then these pedals are built to last. They are in perfect working order. I'm rubbish at posting links but can email photo's to you if you pm me your email address.
  5. I have no use for this amp any longer - it is a 1x12 solid sate combo approx 8-10 years old. The drive channel could do with having the cobwebs blown from it as it hasn't been used for ages and crackles when the knob is turned (probably just needs the pots cleaned) and the reverb unit has a bit of a loose wire somewhere which causes it to be temperamental. The clean channel works perfectly and the speaker is in excellent condition too as the volume has never been above 3. the cabinet and cloth are also in very good condition. I am open to offers given the condition or possible trades! its the amp pictured in my avatar. I can give more photos if requested. I haven't figured out how to post pictures yet.
  6. Hey folks Looking for advice on monitors for my home studio I am in the process of setting up. I don't have a lot to spend at this stage, so any pointers, reviews or suggestions appreciated cheers
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