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  1. Link to gumtree ad with pics: http://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/gibson-les-paul-deluxe-1975/1081372548
  2. Compensation is due only if they move on while still a 'youth' I think. Not sure what age that stops at but I have 21 in my head. I could be wrong of course Adam and I were discussing this on Saturday and came to the conclusion that Caley would rather get a fee in January than lose him for free in the summer. If I were Caley I'd keep him until his contract runs out as he is fundamental to their constant punching above their weight.
  3. For some reason 3 at the back isn't as cool as it was 15 years ago. It is an option that should be looked at to keep the opposition guessing. I still think for games at home we need to drop one of the defensive midfield pair (Flood) to help speed up attacks. We always have the short ball option (not a bad thing) when building an attack and love to take it too often. Prime example of how dangerous we are in quick attacking is the St Johnstone semi at Tynecastle. 4 goals all from picking up the ball and using our pace to devastating effect. I also think Jack would excel even more in the lone holding role. I'm always a little envious of watching Smeltic (kill me now) and the way they exploite the space between the oppositions defence and midfield - they always have players making runs, creating space for the player on the ball move into/ pass to. Aberdeen have the players to cut open defences we just set up too defensivley...
  4. That was always a risk this season, similar to Miller in many ways when he retired... It really does annoy me (as I said on Saturday) that we did not push to get Shinnie in this window. Considine should be first pick to partner Reynolds in the absence of Anderson but the manager will no doubt use the "cant play 2 left sided central defenders" which leaves him covering the LB position until January, when as you said we should get Shinnie for cheap. However If Reynolds or Taylor gets injured then Hayes will be forced into playing LB. Although capable of doing a job at LB we do need him playing in the attacking 4 as he is the key to being able to break down the opposition. Could just be a rumour as you said but I fear the worst.
  5. I thought around that age but the pots are dated last week of 74 and the serial number matches the pattern of the 74-76 in both numbers and the oval decal its set in. The pick up covers had gibson embossed on the earlier deluxes too. They moved to using maple necks in 75 until 82 I think so know its no younger than early 75 due to the mahogany neck. LP's of the Norlin era are notoriously difficult to date. Plays Like a dream and deserves more use than I give it!!
  6. Here goes... I've been doing a lot of thinking about this guitar and I've decided to move it on as It really does not get the use it deserves. Early 1975 Les Paul Deluxe in Cherry sunburst (dated from pots, serial number and neck type). All original bar the jack socket plate which has been replaced. 3 piece pancake body, mahogany neck, original hard case. There are signs of its age on the reverse of the body (buckle rash) and a couple of chips on the headstock. but the finish on the front is in very good condition. I will provide more info/ pics on request. If you are genuinely interested in this guitar then please PM me to discuss a price, arrange a time to try it out etc. Thanks Kev
  7. Form what you've said, I think your only real option is to go and try some out and on that basis I reckon you have to bite the bullet and make some time to travel to a decent sized shop that has a good selection available. Glasgow as mentioned would be a good bet... Unless of course you can persuade members on here to let you try out their amps. I'd let you have a go on my vox but its only an AC4 so probably not big enough for your needs... Cant be any harm in asking!
  8. If your looking for a mix of both ceilidh and pop etc then I would recommend Referendum. We had them at our wedding but not sure they are still going as there was word of them stopping... At my last hotel, I booked Eclipse to do our hogmanay party for 6 years and I believe they still get the gig and I've been gone 4 years. Both relatively expensive but very very good at getting the guests going.
  9. So, I'm on the verge of giving into my GAS for this or a similar Martin. Possibly a 000-15SM or a 00-15M. I've played all 3 recently along with some Taylor and Gibson acoustics and its definitely a Mahogany Martin for me next. My LP is down in Glasgow getting a good amount of TLC and valued ready for sale. So once I get it shifted its decision time. Also looking at either a 62 reissue or a thinline tele in 3 tone sunburst. Hopefully they will take away my gas for a few more years.
  10. it shouldn't be the squad number allocated that saddens you. It should be the player they are giving it to!!
  11. You are correct, provided the speaker is not hard wired to the amp in the combo and if the speaker matches the recommended impedance of the amp then I cant see any problems with using a head through it...
  12. I'm seeing him this afternoon so will mention it to him.. thanks
  13. Looking at the Scotland squad again where are McCormick and Rhodes? are they injured or out of favour, would have thought they'd be shoe ins by now.
  14. Not convinced Strachan will risk Robertson, although he should as he is easily better than both Hutton and Whittaker. I think we'll see Strachan go with the 'safe' option of guys who have a bit more experience, which is wrong IMO. Hope I'm wrong but I think he'll go with: McGregor Hutton- Greer/ Martin- Hanley- Whittaker D Fletcher - Mulgrew Anya- Morrison - Maloney S Fletcher/ Naismith
  15. As a Dons fan I actually think introducing Callum McGregor to the set up is a step forward from championship and league 1 journey men who have plagued our squads over the last 10 years. scored 14 in 40 for Notts County last season, a return of a gaol every 2.8 games which is good return for a midfield player all be it at a slightly lower level than he is currently playing. Its just a shame that a few more younger Scottish based players are not included in the squad to get them involved in the whole set up with a view to stepping over the next 2 -3 years. Out of a squad of 26?!? I think we could afford to have 4- 5 younger guys involved, then if players start to drop out you can call up your journeymen who have been around the squad recently. Also Craig Gordon will be 3rd choice ATM so again no harm in having back involved in the set up. It will help get him up to speed again on what (if anything) has changed at international level, so he can hopefully reclaim his place as No 1. He is in my opinion the best goalkeeper Scotland have when fully fit. EDIT: That defence does look ropey though especially given it will most likely be Whittaker, Greer, Hanley/ Russel, Hutton.
  16. Stevie, Did you get it new or used?and where from? ta
  17. To do what a telecaster does - bright and twangy, and, warm and bluesy...
  18. As much as I loved the guv'nor - it was ace - I'm after something a bit higher spec. I'm a gear snob now, what can I say!!! We need to catch up for a beer... I'll text you soon
  19. A bottleneck of crazy fools climbers waiting to ascend the Hillary Step on Mount Everest.
  20. ^ This 100%. I owned a JCM 800 head, and an 80's Fender twin when I was younger, both of which were 100 watt although the twin could be cut to 25 watts. I put it down to lack of knowledge, being young and just seeing what your favourite guitarists used and going for that... To the OP I have no preference over combo or head and cab. Go for what sounds good to you
  21. I've got an AC4 head and 1x12. Its perfect for my needs. It can hold its own in a jam, although there's not enough head room at 4 watts to play entirely clean but that suits me. Can be set to 4 ,1 or 1/4 watt. You can bypass the speaker on the combo and connect to a cab which is pretty useful too. I've also read of people swapping the valves to give a bit of extra clean headroom but I've not bothered with mine.
  22. Zen oriental. Its good for food especially the crispy lamb. Yes lamb not duck, and the decor lends itself to an intimate date.
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