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  1. So I completely missed the fact that there was a bring and buy sale yesterday, does anyone know if this will be replicated in the future or if it was a one off? Also was it any good? cheers
  2. Hey Eddie, I've PM'd you some more info on it. Kev
  3. I am assembling a group to do some covers and hopefully in time some original material in the above styles. So far I have gathered a small band of: Guitarist/ Vocals Guitar/ Uke/ Lap steel Keyboard/ Vocals So essentials requires are, a drummer and or percussionist. I'm keen to have more than just standard drums, and a bassist to beef up the rhythm and help keep us in time. My wishlist would be to have: banjo, mandolin, fiddle, female vocals, another guitarist would help when the uke/ lap is being played, but I would welcome anyone who feels they could contribute to the overall sound and am open to suggestions of alternative instruments. Not much then! We have our first jam session booked for Wednesday 23rd October from 7-9pm if you are interested then PM me for more details of where and what songs we are looking to do at this session. Cheers Kev
  4. Along the lines of the pinned threads in the networking forum. Maybe in the Musicians Corner forum? I've had a couple of bits done to gear from members and been really happy with the results. Might give them a chance to make a few bucks helping out other members etc? Anyhoo enough thoughts from me.
  5. KSJ81

    Guitar repair

    Imported instruments, I put my les paul to them to get it set up as I'm fussy about who gets their hands on it, and I'm always happy with the results. Class axe in the market too? There is normally a few guys on here who do repairs etc. I got a set up from steviepearce on my tele and was happy with that, not sure if he does repairs. LiamFoyer is another one who folk have suggested in the past? Hope this helps...
  6. KSJ81

    New Subwoofers

    I would say if you know what you're looking for brand and power wise I would shop around online for the best deal. Those Bose mini line array systems like the L1 are also becoming more popular due to their compact size and ease of set up but I suppose it depends on how powerful you need it to be. In the past I've purchased from andertons, dv247, and of course studiospares has always been a good stop for me. Others may disagree of course... Kev
  7. The release of The Clash's Sound System box set yesterday got me to thinking about TITP 99 where I seen Joe and the Mescalero's on the main stage, although not quite as good as seeing The Clash (I was born in 1981 so was unlikely to see them before they split in 82), he battered out a good few Clash hits during his set. He looked terrible and couldn't remember the words to most of the songs but I still feel really lucky to have seen him live in the flesh - a proper legend who helped pull British music out of the terrible pub rock laden mid 70's of flares and ghastly side burns (IMHO). There we go. I'm getting sentimental in my old age...
  8. Think I might have a 1st gen Xbox 360 kicking about with games and a couple of controllers. I'll check when I'm at my folks this week if you like. Kev.
  9. I'm sure some of you on here already use them but I just placed my first order on stringsdirect.co.uk at 2.30pm yesterday and was pleasantly surprised when the postman dropped off the items this morning. It does state free next day delivery but I have had many an experience in the past where I have paid a premium for next day delivery to be informed that Aberdeen is in the highlands!?! and therefore cannot be guaranteed next day delivery. So to have free next day delivery and receive the items is indeed excellent service. I doff my cap to the guys at strings direct. Kev
  10. Just thought i'd mention to y'all I picked up my guitar from Stevie today and it's playing great again. Dropped off Thursday night so 1 day turn around on it. I'm happier than if I'd put it into one of the shops as it didn't cost me nearly as much... I hearby recommend you give him a shout if you're like me and useless at guitar maintenance. Cheers Stevie.
  11. KSJ81

    Steviepearce was selling a hand built custom tele not fender but a beauty all the same in your kind of price range. If I needed another tele I would have taken it from him. lots of praise for it see linky: http://www.aberdeen-music.com/topic/53959-hand-built-custom-tele/
  12. For me it's my circa 72 Les Paul Deluxe, always wanted an LP even before I took an interest in guitar mainly thanks to my cousins love of The Who and his poster of Pete Townsend on his knees playing one. As luck would have it R&B had one at the time my first student loan came in, and being of a young age with a bulging bank account I could think of nothing better to buy - books, travel and food weren't high on my list of priorities at the time as I was still living at home. The mini humbuckers are full of beans and the neck is an absolute treat. It still has all original parts bar output jack plate (it got lost on the road) the the finish is still amazing for a near 40 year old guitar. It's starting to get a bit road worn but that only adds to the charm of it for me I have traded, sold, and upgraded a ridiculous amount of gear since I started playing but this guitar will be the one thing in my collection that will stay with me till the bitter end.
  13. Cheers for the offer fatboy I'll bear you in mind next time...
  14. Good man Stevie, I'll email you to arrange drop off etc.
  15. I lent a guitar to a friend and it has come back playing awful, he did mention that he had been playing with the height of the saddles - there's a bit of fret buzz and the action just doesn't feel right. I'm useless at maintenance. Is there anyone on here who is free to give it a wee set up - ideally I would need it back Saturday night for Sunday. I will provide fresh strings and some cash if anyone is up for it. Preferably someone within the city so its easy to drop off and collect. I can deliver tonight / tomorrow. If not I'll have to bite the bullet and pop it into ii or the likes cheers Kev
  16. KSJ81

    Lovely guitars - Lucky man Ronz...
  17. I have a sure sm58 and a cheap sm57 clone you can borrow only have 1 xlr cable though?
  18. As the title suggests I'm after a neck for a tele project (the jap one that's been on here a couple of times). I would prefer maple but a nice feeling rosewood would do the job. The existing neck just doesn't do it for me although others on here will disagree I'm sure. I'm willing to pay cash or trade/ PX the existing neck. If all else fails can anyone recommend who to use online to get one - there are so many options... Cheers Kev
  19. I have the following available free to any kind of home good or bad: 1x Double divan bed base 1x Double Mattress 2x Single Mattress Bed base and mattresses are between 3-5 years old. 1x 2 seater brown fabric sofa bed -this requires the bed mechanism to be screwed back in as it is a beast and had to be dismantled to get it carried to the garage. Only 4 screws though. 1x Glass and Chrome coffee table All items are in good condition and are in Mannofield - Great Western Road/ Cranford Road. Collection only on these. PM me for more info pics etc thanks Kev
  20. Thanks Guys. I should be sorted- I'm borrowing one to try out over the weekend. If this doesn't suit I'll bear these options in mind. Kev
  21. does that also come with reason as a DAW too?
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